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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Evil Yoshi Toes - 06-12-2018

E3 Clips

New Character Reveals:

What do you all think? Excited? Disappointed? I'm very excited. The only bummer is that Waluigi has been confirmed as an assist trophy.

I spoilered new characters in case someone who hasn't watched yet and wants to be surprised accidentally clicks the thread.

RE: Smash Bros Switch - Syaxamaphone - 06-12-2018

My boy Snake! Yeeeaaaahhhhh!

RE: Smash Bros Switch - GStache - 06-12-2018

No joke, I'm most excited for this game in that you'll have to unlock over 50 of the characters since Smash Wii U basically just handed them to you like sugar without doing much.

RE: Smash Bros Switch - Evil Yoshi Toes - 06-12-2018

Yeah, I'm happy about that too. What I got from the trailer was that popular character will come in more easily which makes sense since people will want to play as them quickly, but I hope some of the more unique and obscure characters take at least a bit of a challenge to unlock.

RE: Smash Bros Switch - SonicZetrex - 06-12-2018

For my thought of saying this, this is, most likely, one of the best ways Nintendo could spread cheers and harmony towards fans who really wanted to see more from them. Just can't wait to see it being released!

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Zero Kirby - 06-12-2018

Personally I like having most of the characters unlocked, if not all of them, because nothing's a buzzkill like buying the hot new multiplayer title, slammin' it in, gatherin' your mates for a hell of a time and then finding out all the fighters we really wanted were behind a time wall

So hopefully these characters unlock fast

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Parakarry - 06-13-2018

This is incredible.

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - FieryExplosion - 06-13-2018

My hype values are through the roof. The last time I wish this hyped, Smash 4 was due to come out.

Nintendo really knows how to make a splash.

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - smbmaster99 - 06-14-2018

The game looks utterly stunning and the changes to mechanics seem very interesting. Watching some of the gameplay has me really excited to getting into the game both for fun and in the competitive environment

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Zero Kirby - 06-14-2018

Yeah actually, if I want to talk about the gameplay instead of awful artificial lengthening strategies

Smash Bros. Ultimate looks like it's doing its damndest to be competitive friendly. The speed's been ramped up to near-Melee levels, it looks like, along with very smart technical changes like easy short-hop neutrals and diminishing returns for dodge spamming thank you. As someone who enjoys playing the game "seriously" without items, these are fantastic. It also seems like stage hazards can be disabled (during the tournament, they played on Frigate Orpheon, which didn't flip once during the whole match), which should greatly increase the number of viable tournament stages, so tourneys will have way more variety. I'm not a tourney player, but I'm glad, because I like stages like Norfair in terms of layout, not so much the random lava floes.

The visual flair of the game looks fantastic, as well. The exaggerated speed lines, smoke trails, slow-mo effects and explosions, it all looks so good. Words can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to landing a Back Slash with Shulk and getting a crazy-awesome slow-mo zoom in before the enemy gets sent flying away. And if the Knee of Justice was satisfying before...

It looks like it's going to be the most satisfying multiplayer experience Smash has had yet. I'm just disappointed there's going to be a small starting roster and I have no idea how long it'll take to unlock Snake, Wolf, Shulk, and Bayonetta, which kinda sucks.

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Kritter - 06-14-2018

Yeah I think it's been confirmed that stage hazards can be disabled. This is great news for people who like certain stages but hate the gimmicks that come with them.

The more I see and hear about the game, the more excited I get. I think the stage count is somewhere in the 80+ range and with over 60 playable characters and a few amazing new faces (Waluigi aside), it's going to be the best Smash we've ever gotten. Looks like I'll be trading in my Wii U and 3DS versions because they're pretty much obsolete now. 

I just hope they focus on modes too, like bringing back a proper Classic mode instead of that tabletop gaming mode and get rid of Smash Run / Smash Board Game Mario Party and either bring back some kind of adventure mode or at least think of some other mode that's more interesting.

The small starting roster doesn't bother me because we'll all be playing it so much I doubt it'll take long to unlock them all.

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Evil Yoshi Toes - 06-15-2018

I wouldn’t mind seeing Smash Run return as long as all players are in the same world, which I assume is how Smash Run was envisioned but the 3DS couldn’t fulfill that. A return to the traditional classic mode from past games would be great as classic mode in 3DS was a downgrade and in Wii U was just unenjoyable. 

There weren’t as many changes to veterans as I had hoped for, but I appreciate the small changes and I understand why big changes weren’t made as this is meant to be a sort of amalgamation of all smash games. Still, now having 3 Links and 2 Mario’s in the roster I think the originals could have been updated a little more, but oh well.

 I do like the small changes though, like Links remote bombs and Ganondorf’s new smash attacks that use his sword. I also like the addition of cappy even if it is cosmetic. 
I’ve noticed  Toad is more involved as a fighter in Peach’s moveset rather than her just whipping him out and using him as a shield. This time he willingly guards her and even helps her with her throws. Small changes like that which make the move sets more true to the characters are nice to see. It was always awkward to see Peach sacrifice Toad for her own safety. 
Seems like a missed opportunity not giving Daisy one of the Sphinxes or something from Mario Land but oh well.

Edit: I'm watching more gameplay and I notice that characters launch back much more quickly after being hit which is really nice looking.

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - smbmaster99 - 06-15-2018

Unless I saw wrong it also looks like stages have more than 1 Omega layout. I hope in the online mode we dont have to always play on the flat Final Destination variant. Not complaining, it's just be nice to get to play on stage layouts that aren't all the same lol

Speaking of online mode I hope the 1v1 system has better matchmaking than smash 4. Me personally, I'm impatient when it comes to matchmaking xp I much much much prefer just hoping in and starting practice immediately as opposed to pinging matchmaking discord servers or anthers ladder and then waiting an unspecified amount of time for someone to play me, so I've always just jumped onto for Glory mode.

Unfortunately of course jumping on for glory is a dice roll - you either get really good players that really challenge you, average players, or really bad players (bad here meaning either they're not good or they have terrible connections or they do nothing but annoying stuff). I REALLY hope smash ultimate has a system that puts players together based on their skill rather than random chance

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Evil Yoshi Toes - 06-15-2018

I agree. I’m a casual player but I hate playing with more than 2 people unless I’m playing with friends so I tried For Glory sometimes. I either got beaten horribly or the connection was very laggy, neither of which are very fun.

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Technoflops - 06-19-2018

Fingers crossed that wavelanding gets buffed. They're nerfing Smash 4's only movement options and not replacing it with anything better. Then again, I haven't played the game yet so maybe I am wrong.

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Slug101 - 06-19-2018

so daisy is playable BUT NOT WALUIGI!!! WAAAAAA!!!!

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Evil Yoshi Toes - 06-20-2018

Yes, I was surprised. I expected Daisy to be in the game but I thought for sure Waluigi would be too given his huge fan base. But to be fair Waluigi would have needed his own moveset while Daisy is a Peach clone, so I can see why she'd get in before Waluigi. 
Peach is my favorite character to play as in Smash so I guess I'm sort of looking forward to playing as Daisy, but I'd probably just end up going back to Peach because she's prettier lol.

Also, I noticed Zero Suit Samus got a boob reduction and some more muscle. She's still not quite as muscular as I think she should be but it's closer and much more believable. Snakes butt reduction is not something I approve of though! 

I heard Zelda is buffed since Smash 4 which is great. I hope Samus in her power suit gets a buff too.

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - SilverVortex - 07-19-2018

(it's been a while, hasn't it?  Laughing )
super. smash. bros. ultimate.
personally i feel that this new game is more of a "bigger" smash 4, but with all our favourites returning, it seems to be more of a compilation of everything that they did right in the series, while fixing what they did wrong eg. directional air dodges being combined with brawl's invincibility frames, and promoting ganondorf to a semi clone.
the new characters are not what i expected (apart from inkling. EVERYONE knew they were coming.). ridley, after being turned down time and time again, and daisy...god no. SHE got in instead of WALUIGI? madness.

the introduction of echo fighters got me thinking; who else will join? my top three guesses are chrom, funky kong, and shadow.

the overall theme of the game fits every single thing nintendo threw at us with mainline games so far: "hey, why don't we just cram two billion things into this one game and somehow make it amazing?" (if you don't believe me, then clearly you haven't played botw and odyssey!)

so basically, you'll be seeing me on that hype train towards december, and this will probably be the best game of 2018.

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Evil Yoshi Toes - 07-19-2018

I think what's making it feel like a newer Smash 4 are the reused assets from that game and overall similar aesthetic. Gameplay-wise I think it is different enough to be a completely new Smash 5 and the character models are upgraded enough as well. 

Speaking of character models though, it is worth noting that every smash game before Ultimate changed pretty drastically in terms of graphical stylization. 64 had a very simplistic cartoony style, which was probably partly due to limitations; Melee had a cartoony but more detailed style; Brawl went even further with the detail and realism; Wii U tried to make its characters appear as they did in their own games but with a touch more detail on some (i.e. Peach's dress); and now with Ultimate, it's basically Wii U but enhanced. This could be another reason why the game looks a little more like Smash 4 Better Edition and not Smash 5 to a lot of people despite the gameplay being quite different.

RE: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Kritter - 07-20-2018

Amiibo may play a part in that. If they're going to re-release the amiibo figures, they wouldn't want them looking stylistically different to how they look in Ultimate so it makes sense from that angle to keep the style mostly the same.