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Fungi Cappani - A platformer with spores - Hiro-sofT - 11-29-2017

[Image: fungicappani_logo.png]

[Image: mushroomline.gif]

[Image: cappani_minimush.gif]Introduction
[Image: cappani_minimush.gif]

Fungi Cappani is a game developed by Hiro-sofT alone (however this might change in the future). It’s a mobile Jump ’n’ Run game for Android which will be made with the Game Maker Studio software. I might make a Windows version too. Many inspirations from this game are coming from classics like the Kirby series. This game is about a Fungi (a humanoid mushroom race) called Cappani, who possess the ability to float with her mushroom cap.
[Image: cappaniclovers.gif]Trailer[Image: cappaniclovers.gif]
(Currently not available)

[Image: cappani_minimush.gif]Screenshots[Image: cappani_minimush.gif]

[Image: cappanispore.gif]

Older screens...
[Image: fungicappani_flowers_prototype.gif]
[Image: fungicappani_backgroundwip4.gif]
[Image: fungicappani_phonetest.gif]

More are coming soon as time passes...
These screenshots are prototype screenshots from a prototype build of the game. Anything on these screenshots can differ from the final version of this game and therefore they doesn’t represent the final versions experience.

[Image: cappaniclovers.gif]Gameplay[Image: cappaniclovers.gif]
In order to beat the game you must reach the goal in every required level of each world. To complete a world you have to beat its main boss. You must overcome a number of obstacles and challenges on your journey.

Beside the basic ability to jump and run, Cappanis mushroom cap allows her to float and reach slightly higher or further places. For example, she can fly by using an upward stream of a wind tunnel.

In order to defend herself from enemies, she can use her spores to fight back, which can be released by certain actions (mainly through landing or by using her floaty hat). Cappanis spores can also being used for many other things rather than combat. Use them wisely to overcome obstacles in the world Cappani is living in.

[Image: cappani_minimush.gif]Story[Image: cappani_minimush.gif]
A long time ago…

There was once a cute, little mushroom girl. She was called Cappani. Cappani is a cheerful and a bit shy Fungi, who is living with her parents on the Fine Fields. One day, her parents received a mysterious letter from the great king himself. It was an invitation to her parents to an audience with the great king, who wanted to show all his kindness to the inhabitants of his land. Her parents began to prepare for their visit at the Sweet Sanctum, the place where the king lives. Before they gone, they asked Cappani to keep an eye on their home and to take care of herself.

Since then, a week passed. Cappani got nervous and was unsure, if she should keep on waiting. But she is not a girl, who’s breaking promises. So she decided to keep waiting, hoping, that she will hear form her parents soon. Suddenly, during this night, her sleep was disturbed by loud and unknown noises. Scared by the noises, she jumped out of her bed and ran outside. The little Fungi was shocked. She saw a bunch of soldiers, who were about to steal all kinds of stuff from her home. Being caught redhanded the soldiers began to run away with some of the valuable items of Cappani and her parents. Cappani begins to chase after them.

Will Cappani get the stolen items back from her home? What happened to her parents? Why did the soldiers have stolen their belongings in the first place?

Looks like, an adventure is about to begin…

[Image: cappaniclovers.gif]Features (more like “what it will feature“ or “what I will try to make it feature“)[Image: cappaniclovers.gif]
·         A great Jump ’n’ Run adventure based on the Kirby series
·         Six worlds with 48 different levels to overcome (includes boss and bonus levels)
·         Collectables (squid coins for unlockable stuff is one of them)
·         Dangerous mid bosses and bosses with a great variety of attacks and patterns
·         Custom crafted graphic assets, which are all drawn in a cute and colorful art style
·         A simple story, which is easy to follow
·         An advanced shop system (will include something like negotiations, discounts, offers and even a cute shop owner)
·         In-game achievements (for bragging rights)
·         Three minigames to play are included (A puzzle game called ”Train Tracks”, a reaction dungeon crawler named ”Cavern Quest” and a third minigame, which I still have no idea for)
·         And a lot more secrets to discover…!
All these features are either in development or not even started. Most of those are ideas or rough concepts. The amount of features can change in the finalized version.

[Image: cappani_minimush.gif]Concepts[Image: cappani_minimush.gif]
For more details about the concepts, please visit this site:
[Image: 11274c3a85d980a82f33af3555202d63-dawvd1i.png] [Image: d23d8f9af95a5d1f5752bcf8098dd202-dawvdzx.png] [Image: 582a3bee6f9a5e2f83299cf657f7a21e-dawve8p.png] [Image: 7f6c1c7750fc37cef9966d3ae39380b2-dawvena.png] [Image: fungi_cappani_concepts___squirll_by_hiro...awveuv.png] [Image: dfa1b86890b112c063d5c61d2f3e559f-dayfrcj.png]

[Image: cappaniclovers.gif]Download[Image: cappaniclovers.gif]
Android version:
Download the .apk file for the current prototype version (coming as soon the very first level is done)

Windows version:
(Coming eventually after the final android version)

[Image: cappani_minimush.gif]Other Locations and Social Media[Image: cappani_minimush.gif]
You can find and support us on the following sites:
[Image: icon_twitter.png][Image: icon_vgr.png][Image: icon_rpga.png][Image: icon_mfgg.png][Image: icon_yt.png]

[Image: mushroomline.gif]
[Image: cappani_spritebig1.png]
This is not the final version of the games presentation. The opening post will change over time and it will be updated, until it's finalized.

RE: Fungi Cappani - A platformer with spores - The Dark Warrior - 11-29-2017

Ive wondered how have you been able to sprite those graphics? You had help in doing so or no? I ask because it looks very polished out of those .gifs.

Fungi Cappani - A platformer with spores - Hiro-sofT - 11-30-2017

Alright, I am getting back to this project slowly. Sorry for letting anyone wait with new progress... did had quite a rough time. Still being very busy with school and twitch currently, but I will continue working on this game again the next days.

I started to work on the background for my beach levels (which is almost finished... probably needs fine-tuning afterwards, but otherwise it should be done). I will show it here once it's finished. Hopefully I can move my lazy self to finally code the enemies and figure out a way to fix the moving platforms, which were driving me crazy, because the player keeps falling through them randomly and I don't know why that is.

I also started to make the graphics for the "end of level bonus game". Here again, I really don't have anything to show yet, because I just started these recently. Still have no idea really what exactly the minigame will be, but I keep brainstorming ideas until I get something, that is both fun enough and not like an absolute carbon copy of a minigame from Kirby.

Don't know if I showed this here somewere earlier, but here is the goal door and the beach tileset I worked last on:
[Image: cappani_goaldoor.gif]
[Image: cappani_world2beach2_1_.gif]

Quote:Ive wondered how have you been able to sprite those graphics?
With a lot of practice, time and a program I can work with pretty well (which is GraphicsGale, which became Freeware a not so long time ago).

Quote:You had help in doing so or no?
The only help I got for spriting these graphics was feedback and suggestions from various people and places. The actual drawing and spriting itself I did completely on my own.

RE: Fungi Cappani - A platformer with spores - RaymanFan1995 - 11-30-2017

Wow, this looks great! Love all the ideas and art style you have going here, and the gameplay looks really solid. Color me intrigued!

RE: Fungi Cappani - A platformer with spores - The Dark Warrior - 12-01-2017

The beach tileset looks great but the colors do not strike me being such at first because its not typical of beaches to be colored that way tbh. Im guessing that it is an intentional choice to make a rather stranger beach world than the usual typical beaches being like yellow sand and green grass then.

RE: Fungi Cappani - A platformer with spores - Pea - 12-01-2017

Glad to see you're still working on this. Looking forward to more updates.

RE: Fungi Cappani - A platformer with spores - Willsaber - 12-02-2017

I totally adore the aesthetics (the environments and character designs look amazing), but the levels here seem rather lackluster tbh. The Kirby-esque level design conventions come off as constrained to me, and without a vertical dimension they appear pretty simple to run through.

Fungi Cappani - A platformer with spores - Hiro-sofT - 12-02-2017

Almost done with the background! Only a bit of fine-tuning of the animations and adding some little details I planed to add for this background.  Other Big Brin

[Image: fungicappanibeachbgwip.png]

Also did this for the bonus games... still unsure what kind of bonus game at the end of the level I want to make, but here is a start anyway (obviously the background and the placeholder tiles will be changed later)

And do get slowly back into the sprite style and animations, I did this little thing now:
[Image: fungicappanisquirllidletest1.gif]

I know it's not much of an update, but at least progress has been made (even if it's at a small margin)  Whoops!  .

Quote:I’m guessing that it is an intentional choice to make a rather stranger beach world than the usual typical beaches being like yellow sand and green grass then.
Exactly. Fun story, the beach tileset was previously intended to be the end-of-level bonus game tileset before, but I decided to make a more "abstract" type of a beach level tileset, for which I reused these tiles. Pretty much like the Green "insert Plain/Grassy place here" zone, I wanted to do something new and not so common.

Quote:The Kirby-esque level design conventions come off as constrained to me, and without a vertical dimension they appear pretty simple to run through.
So far, almost everything shown here are testlevels, so don't worry, if their leveldesign is "weird" or "dumb". They only are here to obviously test the graphics and different parts of the games engine. When I am going to design the actual levels, I will do my best then, to make the levels enjoyable to run through, but also not too easy to rush. Unlike Kirby, Cappani has already a vertical jumping and floating limit (she is more like KDL3 ChuChu than Kirby, who can simply fly over everything, actually), so making challenging horizontal levels shouldn't be much an issue. I will definitively keep these things in mind. Probably will need leveltesters, when the game gets to that point (which can take quite some time until it gets there).

Thx everyone who supports this project so far. I just wanted to say that I see all of your comments and appreciate your posts and help  Other Big Brin  .