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Hey Kritter - Yoshin - 09-27-2017

Really nice theme so far, are you planning on making it mobile friendly?

RE: Hey Kritter - DustinVG - 09-27-2017

Thumbs up on the theme, my good man

RE: Hey Kritter - Kritter - 09-28-2017

Thanks! Just playing around with ideas at the moment. Not really trying to make it mobile friendly as much as I'd love to because I'm having to stick to the constraints of the default theme which isn't mobile friendly. Just checked out the NetPen and Emerald themes that someone installed, both of which are mobile friendly so perhaps I'll see if I can work my theme into one of those templates? I'm keen to try using Emerald at least because it looks fairly "normal" while still being fully responsive.

At this point it kind of feels like we're trying to nut out exactly what features and default skin we want because all the test templates are vastly different, so I'm a bit apprehensive to keep chugging along with mine until the board features are all set. If there's a better "default" template out there that I should be working off then it might be better to go with that.

RE: Hey Kritter - Kritter - 09-28-2017

I'm currently messing around with the Emerald theme and I've managed to set up a fairly responsive skin (boringly called Emerald2 if you want to have a look) based upon it that looks similar to the MFGG one I'm working on.

RE: Hey Kritter - Yoshin - 09-28-2017

Woah this one is great too, I would personally get rid of the circle avatars myself though

RE: Hey Kritter - VinnyVideo - 09-28-2017

Kritter's work is looking very sweet!

And yeah, circle icons have been done to death on social networks in the past few years, so I'd rather not use Emerald's circle icons.

RE: Hey Kritter - Kritter - 09-28-2017

I wasn't even aware circle icons were inherited by the skin itself, definitely will do away with it.


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RE: Hey Kritter - Kritter - 09-29-2017

Oh and feel free to add or fix or change anything you want, I won't mind the help Smile Plenty of graphics needed to make this place feel more "Marioish" or errors in the layout to fix.

RE: Hey Kritter - Kritter - 09-29-2017

This skin has issues with signatures and long posts, I've spoken to the guy who developed it and he says to wait a few days for version 1.1 which will fix the bugs.

RE: Hey Kritter - Kritter - 10-03-2017

The glitch with signatures and overlaps is fixed now.

RE: Hey Kritter - Kritter - 10-03-2017

okay so I've fixed up a few bugs with the layouts and whatnot using the new version of this template as well as making my own tweaks and whatnot. It's looking a lot nicer but still needs some work, especially on smaller resolutions like phones. Got to work on the colours and so on as well because right now with these default colours a lot of icons or links can't be seen very well / at all, any feedback anyone has on icons, colours and so on would be great so I can get a better idea of the colours that'd work for this place. Right now i'm kind of just winging it!

RE: Hey Kritter - DustinVG - 10-03-2017

I can confirm that the quote bug mentioned before is now gone.

As for color changes, I'd start with maybe making the info on the bit to the left of a post brighter, perhaps more white. Right now, the contrast is very low on it. The post options are also like that, but I imagine we'll just swap those out for entirely new images.

RE: Hey Kritter - Kritter - 10-03-2017

Which part? You mean the words that say "Posts, Threads, Joined" etc?

Quite a lot of the text colours and whatnot I haven't changed from the default skin yet. I'll definitely be making sure things are readable.

RE: Hey Kritter - DustinVG - 10-04-2017

(10-03-2017, 11:59 PM)Kritter Wrote: Which part? You mean the words that say "Posts, Threads, Joined" etc?

Quite a lot of the text colours and whatnot I haven't changed from the default skin yet. I'll definitely be making sure things are readable.

Yeah, that's the bit

RE: Hey Kritter - Kritter - 10-04-2017

To be honest, most of that probably won't stay there. There's no need to showcase your posts or threads or join date. Really the only thing worth having there is coins/tuskbucks and badges.

RE: Hey Kritter - Kritter - 10-05-2017

There. Tidied that section, moved country flag next to username like it was on the old forums and got rid of join date and post count etc.

RE: Hey Kritter - DustinVG - 10-05-2017

Oh yeah, this is lookin' pretty dang legit now.

RE: Hey Kritter - VinnyVideo - 10-06-2017

There's still some tweaking to do, but overall this is looking awesome indeed.

I was making a few tweaks to the navigation bar, but then I noticed the MyAlerts button disappeared, and I realized that you might be working on this same thing right now. I won't change anything else with the navigation bar for a little while, just in case you're working on it.

RE: Hey Kritter - Kritter - 10-06-2017

You'd be correct Smile I've asked Euan T for some assistance with moving MyAlerts to the navbar because it was giving me grief, looks like he's done it perfectly!

RE: Hey Kritter - VinnyVideo - 10-06-2017

Awesome. And yeah, getting the Alerts to cooperate with the navbar was rather tricky.