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MFGG Staff Reshuffling - Cruise Elroy - 11-28-2018

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of the launch of our MyBB forums, so we figured it's time to make a few changes in our staff layout to better suit everyone's needs.

First, @Xander has been demoted from tech admin status due to inactivity. @HylianDev is going to be stepping down from his administrative position and instead become a tech admin so that he can better focus on developing MFGG3. To take his place, @Yoshin will be promoted to an administrator. @Fun With Despair is not only being promoted to forum moderator status, but he will also be joining @Vitiman and @Hypernova with a quality control promotion as well. Congratulations to everyone who was promoted!

RE: MFGG Staff Reshuffling - Thunderbro - 11-28-2018

Congratulations on your promotions guys.

RE: MFGG Staff Reshuffling - Fun With Despair - 11-28-2018

I have ascended........

RE: MFGG Staff Reshuffling - Q-Nova - 11-29-2018

Congratulations on the promotions, @Yoshin, @Fun With Despair, @Hypernova, and @Vitiman! Also, @Xander and @HylianDev, thanks for the work you two have done!

Anyway, I hope that lumaSMS will come out sooner than expected, now that it seems HylianDev is putting more focus on it! Big Grin

RE: MFGG Staff Reshuffling - Yoshin - 11-29-2018

hey that's me

RE: MFGG Staff Reshuffling - GamerInGeorgia - 11-29-2018

Congrats to all promoted staff!
As for those who are stepping down, thank you for your hard work!

RE: MFGG Staff Reshuffling - Friendly Dictator - 11-29-2018

yoshin. you know what you must do.

RE: MFGG Staff Reshuffling - Honey Saucer Gengar - 11-29-2018

So... At least there was some good promotions.

RE: MFGG Staff Reshuffling - VinnyVideo - 11-29-2018

Congratulations to all of you! Use your new powers to make us proud!

Also, I'd like to thank Xander for all his help improving forum skins. Muchas gracias.

RE: MFGG Staff Reshuffling - Alexandra - 11-30-2018

Congrats, everyone~! Diantha will save MFGG.