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Connie's Quest Game - hubworld23 - 11-30-2018

Hey Guys i'm making a game called connie's Quest in where you play as Connie and she has to rescue her sister Lucky from the Thunder King!
[Image: hubworld23-Presents-Connie-s-Quest-Logo-697012540]
[Image: Shantae-Movie-Character-Connie-646689327]
[Image: Shantae-Movie-Character-Lucky-646689649]
[Image: Shantae-Movie-Character-Thunder-Queen-646689074]
Any Questions?

RE: Connie's Quest Game - Fun With Despair - 11-30-2018

Unfortunately, your image tags are broken. Try uploading the pictures to a site like imgur or tinypic, then pasting the link between two tags like this: [img]insert url here[/img]

RE: Connie's Quest Game - Mario - 11-30-2018

Cool concept art. Good luck!

RE: Connie's Quest Game - Evil Yoshi Toes - 11-30-2018

I like how the Thunder Queen looks. Good luck on your game and have fun.

RE: Connie's Quest Game - hubworld23 - 12-03-2018

(11-30-2018, 09:27 PM)Evil Yoshi Toes Wrote: I like how the Thunder Queen looks. Good luck on your game and have fun.


Connie's Quest Artist Wanted [Contest] - hubworld23 - 12-03-2018

Hey Guys i'm looking for some Artist for my game Connie's Quest!
To test your Art Draw Connie & The Thunder Queen whoever draws them the best get's to be the main Artist for the Game!
Deadline: May 15 2019
Thunder Queen:

RE: Connie's Quest Artist Wanted [Contest] - Mario - 12-03-2018

This sounds more like a job application than a contest.

RE: Connie's Quest Artist Wanted [Contest] - Evil Yoshi Toes - 12-03-2018

Asking artists to create new artwork for a competition in which the winner's prize is a job is almost always frowned upon. You're asking people to spend time making a new piece of artwork to win the chance to help you without any guarantee that they will even benefit from the time they put in. Since you are the one that needs the help, not the artists, you should probably just ask them to send you whatever existing artwork they have and you can decide from that. Though honestly if the artist is not going to receive payment for their work then you can't really be picky in this situation unless your game is very well known and a lot of artists have strong desires to work on it for no pay. The only way to achieve this would be to show us actual gameplay footage so any interested artists can decide if the project looks fun to work on as a hobby. Remember that creating art is a lot of work. Asking people to whip up some great artwork for your game that they know nothing about and without pay is probably not going to work out since there are a lot of people out there willing to pay artists for their work. Gather interest first with footage of your game and proof that it exists.

I hope this helped in some way. Good luck on your game.