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Reading Recommendations - Damarioman - 12-22-2018

The point of this topic is for people to recommend books they enjoyed or thought were interesting and why others might want to read them. I'll start.

Will Save The Galaxy For Food
By: Yahtzee Croshaw
A comedic space adventure following a down on his luck star pilot who unwittingly impersonates an author who happens to be hated by star pilots. He ends up with a motley bunch of characters and lands himself in bad situation after bad situation.

I do enjoy reading and hope to see this topic grow into a sprawling list of interesting recommendations for reading material.

RE: Reading Recommendations - Mariotroid - 12-22-2018

I mostly read textbooks so I guess I'll suggest a textbook.

Game design workshop
A nice book on game design that will help you come up with interesting ideas for mechanics and gameplay.

I also read comics so I guess I'll suggest a comic

The dark knight returns
This is a great graphic novel. Itll make you think and is very entertaining.

RE: Reading Recommendations - littlelum - 12-22-2018

If you're interested in murder mysteries, I'd recommend Sweetness at the bottom of the pie by Alan Bradley or The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie. If you don't, I'd recommend To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.