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Say hi to Mors! - VinnyVideo - 12-26-2018

@Mors has agreed to become our new Social Media Manager and take on a forum mod position as well. We think everyone's favorite Turkish Walrus Guy will be a big help as we move MFGG forward into a new era of awesomeness... and walruses.

There will be some more additions to our team in the near future, but we wanted to announce this promotion because adding Mors is something we'd already planned to do, and he's already started work on getting our Twitter active again.

RE: Say hi to Mors! - Mors - 12-26-2018

Thanks Vinny! I just gotta say, it's a huge honor to have this opportunity and I hope I'll end up being useful in the end!

RE: Say hi to Mors! - Amine Retro - 12-26-2018

hi mors

RE: Say hi to Mors! - HylianDev - 12-26-2018

Congratulations, Mors! Glad to have you on the staff.

I'm sure you'll prove to be extremely useful in more ways than one.

RE: Say hi to Mors! - Syaxamaphone - 12-26-2018

The mors, the merrier

RE: Say hi to Mors! - Mario - 12-26-2018


Just kidding. Click-bait aside, pretty interesting to see someone who hasn't been much of a part of the community for a while to be promoted out of nowhere. Hopefully he can be the breath of fresh air we all need.

RE: Say hi to Mors! - Q-Nova - 12-26-2018

Congratulations, @Mors! I think you'll do great as a staff member, and I'm sure MFGG will benefit from you! Other Big Brin By the way, it's nice to see you back!

RE: Say hi to Mors! - Thunderbro - 12-26-2018

Congratulations @Mors!

RE: Say hi to Mors! - rollerC - 12-27-2018

Congrats @Mors! Glad there's someone really competent and active like you rising the ranks around here. Good luck, my dude.

RE: Say hi to Mors! - Slug101 - 12-27-2018

Hi mors we need MORSE Of your Walruses.

RE: Say hi to Mors! - Ostrich101 - 12-27-2018

Congrats @Mors! now all you have to do is spam threads about walruses and then MFGG will be a better place for all of us

RE: Say hi to Mors! - YoshisIsland3 - 12-29-2018

Congratulations Mors on the position. grits teeth in jealously.

RE: Say hi to Mors! - ReinlynxPSI - 12-30-2018

hi to mors

RE: Say hi to Mors! - Yoshin - 12-31-2018

The Flashback Guy?!!?!?!?!

RE: Say hi to Mors! - Evil Yoshi Toes - 12-31-2018

Congratulations Mors!