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Requesting team members for (general) game development. - Princess Peach - 04-04-2019

Edit: I'm sorry for wording this entire topic wrong; I actually meant team members when I was asking for help - therefore, again, no need to pay "them", and hopefully that's clear by now. Also, as RevampedSpider mentioned, I may actually decide on a better place, so if there one exists, please tell me about it. Again, thanks.

This thread isn't exactly about Mario game development and more about game development in general. After tons of struggling with making my own code and my own games as a "bedroom programmer", I've decided it'd be easier to bring a team together.

Here's my list of team member roles that need to be fulfilled. Those that already are will have a name beside its bold text along with its colon:
  • Graphics:
  • Coding/Scripting
  • Sound
  • Testing/QA
  • Marketing (for future use; not now.)
Whoever wishes to fulfill a role should post in this thread itself and describe their experience in that field. Thanks for viewing this, and please have a nice day. Smile

RE: Having trouble even *getting started* in game development. - VinnyVideo - 04-04-2019

A lot of people getting started with game development make the mistake of trying to learn just the things they think they'll need in order to make the kind of game they want to make.

In the long run, however, you might find it helpful to make sure you have a good grasp of the basics of programming - concepts like variables, data types, operators, if-else logic, loops, functions, and arrays. You don't need a PhD in computer science to make a good game, but understanding the basics will make it easier to understand whichever development tools and programming languages you're interesting in learning.

Does this make sense?

RE: Requesting staff for (general) game development. - Syaxamaphone - 04-04-2019

lol usually when you use the term 'hire' there are supposed to be wages involved.

No harm if you want to get some friends together for a group project but you'll have an easier time recruiting if you already have a pitch for a game.

RE: Requesting staff for (general) game development. - Clobbah - 04-10-2019

Yeah, hiring strangers on a Mario themed forum isn't the best idea. There are better places to do that.

RE: Requesting staff for (general) game development. - Princess Peach - 05-27-2019

I know I'm reviving an older thread, but I've decided to reword this topic instead; I meant team members when I was asking for "staff", not hiring for wages or anything. Therefore, I'm trying to get team members together, not staff for a wage; team members, to help me out on my projects. Sorry if anyone misunderstood what I really meant, and I do hope y'all now understand what I actually meant to begin with.

Edit: There's actually another matter I want to get out of the way. Since RevampedSpider mentioned I could try better places to get people together, I may just do just that. Thanks for the suggestion(s) anyway.