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About Ghosts - Dimentio - 12-02-2017

So I figure I should just let everyone know the ghost rules:

So you're dead? Big whoop! The game is hardly over yet, but here are some rules when you've been taken to the afterlife:

-You may still roam the halls and collect your own witness accounts, though they may be vague and you can't interact with players or objects (such as lifting or moving them) unless aided by my powers (on an event night).
-Each killing phase, you may visit up to three rooms and interact with other ghosts. You may submit these actions to me by PM on MFGG. Other players will not see or hear you.
-Note: If you leak ghost information or participate in any investigation thread even though you're dead, you will be banned from the next killing game.
-Remember, #general is for casual discussions and summaries of events only. You may only participate in the former as a ghost.
-Stay tuned for details on the Haunted event.

If ghosts solve more cases than the living players, something special may happen during the finale.

There are some secret ghost rules and you may find them pinned in the ghosts only channel when you die.