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Killing Game: An Introduction and Da Rules - Dimentio - 12-02-2017

Ah ha ha ha, I bet you foolish gamers thought you'd seen the last of me when you defeated my L-Power so long ago, but I have been biding my time until I had the strength to exact my revenge!

I have created a world for you where you will be fitted into familiar roles, but ah ha! There's a catch! You see, this world is like a stage where you will kill each other for my amusement and the only way out is to crawl over the corpses of your friends... a lonely survivor. Everyone knows a good comedy needs a little tragedy, so get ready to dance my little puppets! For now, Ciao!

Pedigree here, the below introduction and rules (click the spoiler) are credited to Fun with Despair on Minus World. The Killing Games there inspired this one.

This would probably start on Wednesday, December 13th but that's just an estimate. Stay tuned! In the meantime have a look at the poor, unfortunate souls who signed up:

The Players
@Evil Yoshi Toes
@"Mr. Saltman"
@"Nagito Komaeda"
@"SF: The Dark Warrior"

The Discord -
About Ghosts -
Spectator Participation -

Some new details/rules have been added about:

Class Trials
Do you think you have enough evidence to lynch a player as a murderer? Better make your case in the Class Trial thread and convince your fellow players! "But how do you vote to lynch someone", you might ask. Well, you'll PM your vote to me of course! You may change your vote as evidence presents itself and you may ask for results at any time by putting the following in your Class Trial post:

@"Dimentio" RESULTS

The Investigation Phase section has been updated with the following information:

You can INVESTIGATE the body, SEARCH rooms, etc. by posing your question in the Investigation Phase thread to me using
@"Dimentio" insert question here