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Obscure games - Fujiko - 07-19-2019

What are your favourite obscure games? Anything from 90s Mac CGI adventure games to indie games with 20 downloads is fair game.

They cast a pretty big shadow in JP indie game history, but the works of game studio Love-de-lic and its offshoot studios are eternal favourites. Recently, Onion Games was formed by the creator of Chulip (who was from Love-de-lic originally), and they've been coming out with the incredible mobile releases Dandy Dungeon and Million Onion Hotel as well as the Switch shooter Blackbird. Dandy Dungeon was recently rereleased on Switch as well. You guys HAVE to play these games, the art, music, and writing is incredible, with varying degrees of comprehensibility.

I got a PSP recently for 1000 yen and a few games for it, including Boku no Natsu Yasumi. This series is a cult classic in Japan but was never released in English as far as I know. Basically, you are a kid who goes to visit relatives in the countryside for summer vacation. You catch bugs, talk to the townsfolk, do chores, etc. and there are multiple endings depending on what you do or don't do during the month. With the large amount of time dependent sidequests and events, it plays a little differently than Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon or the like.

In more typical indie news, .flow (one of the first copycat games of Yume Nikki) recently updated for the first time in a good handful of years. I haven't gotten to play the new version and I think the game itself leans on gore too much to provide its horror as opposed to Yume Nikki, but it's interesting to see that development continues on one of the classic RPG Maker "walking simulators".

RE: Obscure games - Yrr - 07-19-2019

my usual obscure game rec is a Metroidvania called Lyle in Cube Sector

great commitment to mechanic throughout the game with everything being about picking up and throwing cubes

RE: Obscure games - FibS - 07-19-2019

A lot of old turn-based strategy games are poorly-recognized today. Lords of Magic was one of my favorites back in the day. Unfortunately, the GOG version is currently bugged and doesn't launch. Sad

RE: Obscure games - HylianDev - 07-19-2019

Fujiko! welcome back

I remember you telling me about Chulip back in gatete's skype group lol

RE: Obscure games - VinnyVideo - 07-19-2019

I used to be slightly obsessed with NES Open Tournament Golf! I'd never actually heard of that game until 2002, when I picked it up at a store that sold a lot of used games (before said store got bought out by GameStop, sadly). I would play it a few times every spring throughout my teenage years, until I became quite proficient at it!

I never made millions by going pro on the Mario Golf Tour, though.

RE: Obscure games - Retriever II - 07-19-2019

A game that I can't prove ever existed.  It was a simulation game on MacOS where you ran a company manufacturing and selling computer systems.  You had to manage production lines, R&D, employees, marketing, and try to sell your inventory each day.  No matter what I did though, any time I tried to relocate my headquarters, I would immediately go bankrupt in the next cycle.  Never could figure out the logic behind that.

RE: Obscure games - Yoshin - 07-19-2019

idk how obscure this is really but Famicom Detective Club is a really fun set of VNs for the original Famicom.
Really worth a play. Plus Ayumi was gonna be in Melee for some reason.

RE: Obscure games - DustinVG - 07-19-2019

Oh man, I just watched an old video about .flow today. What a coincidence.

Not sure what I'd say for mine. The first ones I'm thinking of are probably not actually very good. I'll get back to y'all on that one.

RE: Obscure games - Fujiko - 07-20-2019

@HylianDev Thank you! Yes, Chulip is eternal.

@Retriever_II Those games that just disappear into the fabric of time...

@Baby_Yoshi1000 I know that series! If you watch Game Centre CX, there were I think a few episodes on it. Didn't know about the Melee tidbit, though!

And thank you for your posts everyone.

If you like LSD Dream Emulator, you may know that the creator had made a few other games/art pieces. They are SUPER deep into Taoism and Buddhism and also have some great music and freakish character designs. Take this from Chu-Teng:

RE: Obscure games - Yoshin - 07-20-2019

Game Centre CX introduced me to them!

RE: Obscure games - Parakarry - 07-25-2019

A lot of Mac shareware games from the 90s aren't very well known. Those are some fun obscure and quirky games.

RE: Obscure games - Slug101 - 07-26-2019

Best obscure games include the Vehicles Games