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Old Clickteam Libs - Volunteer328 - 08-06-2019

For some reason, I'm kind of interested in the Clickteam Libraries from the Emulation Zone-era of MFGG. Anyone have any of that archived?
(I'm particularly interested in the rest of Beowulf's libs and Thunder Dragon's Sonic lib)

RE: Old Clickteam Libs - Ostrich101 - 08-06-2019

Well, since a few archived stuff has been appearing on MFGG lately (mainly from the Metroid fansite), I don't see why nobody might've not archived those..

RE: Old Clickteam Libs - Pedigree - 08-06-2019

There's still Sprite libraries on the site, I'm fairly certain

RE: Old Clickteam Libs - Volunteer328 - 08-06-2019

I meant the ones not on the main site, but were at one point in time.

RE: Old Clickteam Libs - Retriever II - 08-07-2019

When the very first PHP system went up, following some previous destruction of MFGG, we did try to pool and collect as much old content as possible.  A fair amount was never recovered.  Not impossible you'll find them, but it's a stretch.