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New Discord (Trial) Mods! - Mors - 08-12-2019

That's right, we got 2 new Trial Moderators for our Discord server. Please give a warm welcome to @RevampedSpider and @recent as the new Discord Trial Moderators! @Evil Yoshi Toes also got a promotion from Forum Moderator to Global Moderator!

Also thanks to everyone who sent us their applications.

In addition a while ago I've added some new pride flags, if you want to use them just change your country. Hooray!

RE: New Discord (Trial) Mods! - Vert - 08-12-2019

Congratulations guys!

RE: New Discord (Trial) Mods! - Elyk - 08-13-2019

Thanks, I was getting tired of being the only Trial Mod.

RE: New Discord (Trial) Mods! - VinnyVideo - 08-13-2019

@RevampedSpider and @recent Good luck y'all.

RE: New Discord (Trial) Mods! - GeneralGuy - 08-13-2019