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The Project in the Works! - SonicZetrex - 01-08-2020

Heyo, everyone! It's been very, very long since I came by to say "Hi" to the galaxy! But, I didn't come back without something I wanted to reveal as a surprise for this new year! Starting at this month, the animation project I've been working on is going into full fruition with the adventure of my characters, Angel Ugo and Sphinx towards the mysterious island! Big Grin

And here's the one that I have right here as the first start!
[Image: oe3KyWH.gif]

There will be bits of bits being added, just to show many details that may enlighten the storyline. :3

And if you would like to support this, this would be highly appreciated and might attempt to do something in return (with hopes of not being asked this much)! With many backgrounds, additions, and many more beyond to take on, I hope that not only to achieve a fun impact, but a story that can be remembered and appreciated of how the story goes on.


RE: The Project in the Works! - Evil Yoshi Toes - 01-08-2020

This is looking very pretty. Your animations are a pleasure to look at. I’ll be looking forward to seeing more. I hope you have a lot of fun with it.

RE: The Project in the Works! - Dyseminate - 01-22-2020

Good luck with this project. You seem quite talented with pixel animation just judging from that GIF. I always love it when people combine the aesthetic of a certain console (in this case, the Game Boy) with fluid animations, it adds a lot of flare to the visual design.

RE: The Project in the Works! - SonicZetrex - 12-17-2021

Heyo! The update for the "greatest adventure" has finally arrived! After long hiatus of preserving and thinking critically how they can help the project, I'm officially ready to set out to continue where I left off! But what better place to start than the beginning that started it all... an adventure that will be known to be an "exciting journey"!

[Image: m4xxpWj.gif]
(Remake for Stage 1: Journey Begins)