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Angry Birds Slingshot Frenzy - Ostrich101 - 01-10-2020

Here is a Angry Birds fangame I’m working on (called Slingshot Frenzy) and this is what I’ve made so far (somewhat outdated videos):

The game can actually be played here. (Though it's the version seen in the second video and is a bit buggy)

I also have a thread on AB Nest which has a bit more stuff (older posts are outdated, though): 

Original Post:

RE: Angry Birds Slingshot Frenzy - Ostrich101 - 02-20-2021

some recent updates:

Some revamps to the Birds and Pigs were made to be more accurate to Rovio's sprites. Here a few examples:
[Image: chucknewcomparison.png]
[Image: chuckistoonednow.png]
[Image: pig_revamp.png]
[Image: pig_revamps.png]
The pig with the Magnet is a custom pig made specially for this fangame. He'll be shown in action in the .GIFs below.

Red now has his ability from Angry Birds 2. (as his first upgrade)
[Image: Red_AB2_3.gif]

The in-game camera has been made a bit better.
[Image: Camera_Revamp.gif]

The Episode selection was revamped too.
[Image: PxNyt7A.gif]
Though this is a bit outdated, so here is what it looks like now:
[Image: revamped_episodes.png]

Some updates to the Level Editor.
[Image: LN0zVbW.gif]

Magnet Pigs in action:
[Image: Magnet_Pigs.gif]

The first episode of the game is now in, and is called Familiar Territory.
[Image: familiar_territory.png]
Here are the first 5 levels of Familiar Territory:
[Image: FamilarTerritory_1.png]
[Image: FamilarTerritory_2.png]
[Image: FamilarTerritory_3.png]
[Image: FamilarTerritory_4.png]
[Image: FamilarTerritory_5.png]
The level with Chuck was really hard to beat with 4 of him. It wasn't until I added another that it would be beatable.
By the way, I actually made the levels after the first one with toys first, and then put them in the game. 
Oh and the background came from a bunch of unused files recently discovered in AB Classic.

RE: Angry Birds Slingshot Frenzy - Ostrich101 - 03-12-2021

Added two more levels to the first episode.
[Image: FamilarTerritory_6.png]

This one was made by someone in the AB servers (his name is Theo), so thanks to him.
[Image: FamilarTerritory_7.png]

Here's Magnet Bird, who is pretty much a counter to the Magnet Pigs. (his sprite is a W.I.P, though)
[Image: Magnet_Fiends.png]

Here he is in action:
[Image: Magnet_Bird_2.gif]

I also added the Hatchlings (who are replacing the caged birds from Angry Birds Rio) as well as a new bird called Archer Bird. (the level is a placeholder btw)
 [Image: Hatchlings_Archer_Bird_5.gif]

I also made a Classic styled Silver (from Angry Birds 2) for Slingshot Frenzy.
[Image: silver_pupils_3.png]