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Heir To Ruin (Demo Inside) - Endgame - 05-19-2020

A little indie project that I've been working on:

[Image: xceqwLJ.gif]
[Image: TV6SvKy.gif]
[Image: 4CgO6hL.gif]


Heir To Ruin is a score attack platformer in a similar vein to Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat. String together mid-air maneuvers to build your multiplier, and rack up thousands of Essence to boost your rank!

The current demo contains 9 levels split over 3 stages, one of which is a boss.

  • Left/Right: Move
  • Up: Open treasure chests, grab lattice
  • Z: Jump
  • X: Slash
  • C: Dash
  • Up + Z (Midair): Glide
  • Down + X (Midair): Plunge attack
  • Alt + Enter: Toggle Full-scree
Download Links:

Download on

Or, if you prefer, Gamejolt:

Hope you enjoy! All feedback is appreciated.

RE: Heir To Ruin (Demo Inside) - Endgame - 05-24-2020

Heir To Ruin now has a Twitter!

In addition to that, there has been two major developments in the past week. Gamepad support is now implemented (and tested with a Pro Controller), with some final tweaks, bug-testing, and QOL changes to be made.

Other than input methods, the fourth area of the game is currently shaping up as well:

[Image: KGva1nx.gif]

RE: Heir To Ruin (Demo Inside) - Endgame - 05-30-2020

[Image: lYOLsR8.gif]

Here's quick glance at what Reprise levels look like - they function as a medley of previous stages, revisiting locales and using previously introduced mechanics in new ways. They can only be unlocked by collecting enough Essence!