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Remaining tasks - VinnyVideo - 10-22-2017

We're getting tantalizingly close to being able to launch this! I'm sure we'll find a few bugs to fix once people are posting regularly, and we may end up tweaking some things, but overall, things are looking great.

There are a few things we need to do:

Badges (high priority)
I installed the OUGC Awards plugin on MyBB. This plugin has a good reputation, and it can do some nice things that our current system doesn't do (like sending notifications when you receive a new badge). Unfortunately, the plugin doesn't support some features that we need:
  • Multiples of the same badge: With the phpBB system, we can award multiple instances of the same badge (for example, many users have won multiple Sprite Competitions or Minigame Competitions, and they have multiple Sprite Comp Winner or Minigame Comp Winner badges). The MyBB system explicitly prevents us from doing this.
  • Super Submitter/Super Reviewer: This involves mainsite integration. More on that later.
  • Staff badges: It would be nice if some badges were automatically awarded/revoked based on your group.
  • Happy Heart: It would be nice to have badges awarded for members who have x number of posts and go a certain amount of time without being warned/banned.

So we'll need to...

a) Find another awards/badges plugin that does what we need it to do.
b) Modify the current system so it does what we need it to do.
c) Program a new badge system. This might be a great job for @Yoshin! If you're interested in tackling this project, let me know and I can make sure you have the code for the phpBB system.

Mainsite integration (medium priority)
phpBB MFGG has an extension that lets members connect their forum accounts to their mainsite accounts. This adds a mainsite link to their profiles and pulls in certain information needed for badges (specifically, Submitter/Super Submitter and Super Reviewer). It would be nice to have this for badges, and having a connection between the mainsite accounts and MyBB accounts would make life much easier for me if we wanted to port the MyBB posts to lunaSMS when it launches.

Wiki integration (low priority)
The Wiki has a script to pull certain data from the phpBB forums - the badge list and the member rank. It shouldn't be hard to rewrite this script so that it gets data from the MyBB forums instead. If members have to re-register on the MyBB forums, they'll have new account IDs, and updating all the Wiki pages with the new account IDs may be a time-consuming endeavor. Fortunately, when lumaSMS is implemented, the Wiki will need only one account ID (the mainsite ID) rather than two (mainsite and forums).

Post icons (low priority - but fun and easy)
The default post icons are boring, so we should replace them with something pretty and Mario-related - or scrap them altogether, since people never used them much on the phpBB boards.

[Image: icon1.gif]

RE: Remaining tasks - Kritter - 10-23-2017

There's also a minor issue with the layout when viewed in mobile format that is yet to be fixed.

RE: Remaining tasks - Pedigree - 10-29-2017

Get with Yoshin about multi-badges. MW's badge system allows for multiples and she might know how to help you with that.

RE: Remaining tasks - VinnyVideo - 11-01-2017

I know multi-badges are possible, since MW runs MyBB and has them. I was told that Spritey or rtsmarty (I think those were the two names) know how to do this. I'll get with them once I return from vacation.

RE: Remaining tasks - SonicKade2048 - 11-11-2017

I think I could be able to help out with making some of the icons. I'd actually prefer we do GIFs instead of plain images. It'll make the site look more dynamic and interesting, in my opinion.

RE: Remaining tasks - VinnyVideo - 11-11-2017

If you'd like to make a set of post icons, feel free. I can't guarantee we'll use them, though, as MFGGers have never used post icons very much.

RE: Remaining tasks - Yoshin - 11-11-2017

yeah I dont think post icons are really needed, but give it a shot I guess

RE: Remaining tasks - Parakarry - 11-15-2017

RE: Remaining tasks - DustinVG - 11-15-2017

The SVG 1-Up button stretching the bottom bar needs to be fixed if we end up sticking with it.

RE: Remaining tasks - VinnyVideo - 11-15-2017

Please don't post anything TOO edgy, but it would be good to test out the warn system. (SpongeBob GIF spamming might work.)

RE: Remaining tasks - Kritter - 11-19-2017

There are currently issues with attachments, not sure what the problem may be but I haven't a clue how to fix it. This is probably low priority but it's still something that needs doing.