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[SMW Hack] A Halloween Holiday - MarioStar - 10-26-2020

It’s released since October 23th 2020, a Halloween SMW-themed hack.
Once a upon time ago, Peach take a vacation. Oh no! Big Boo has been kidnapped from in the hellish harbor. Can save the Peach?
AH, here you go, the screenshots!

[Image: J60dg6x.png][Image: iwZxGGj.png][Image: RlgLboc.png]
[Image: 5RnuOpK.png][Image: AOch5i0.png][Image: fmTreT3.png]
[Image: 3kNxjRa.png][Image: 2PHeXDO.png][Image: 61VbLFz.png]
[Image: xVKP5g0.png][Image: Uqq7mok.png][Image: aOMMzds.png]

…And here’s a download link:


Note: Use Floating IPS to apply patch.
For want play with a hack, use Snes9X 1.60 or bsnes v115 for best results. ZSNES will be crash/bugged. ZSNES no longer recommended.

RE: [SMW Hack] A Halloween Holiday - MarioStar - 10-31-2020

Greetings, Today is Halloween! This hack is an update with Nintendo Presents logo.

[Image: A_Halloween_Holiday012.png]

DOWNLOAD (Last updated: 2020-10-31)