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Tiny Talos - EntranceJew - 02-02-2021

[Image: 8U8Ybck.png]

Been working on this game for about two months for a game jam and it's finally done past the deadline!
  • Explore a big ol' house with a tiny li'l robot.
  • Get cool weapons for cleaning.
  • Get cool weapons for killing.
  • Find a myriad of upgrade chips that give you new abilities and boost your stats letting you personalize your gameplay experience.
  • Probably the only game we're going to get in the next ten years about a small robot that cleans things.

[Image: fRRf6Gs.png]
[Image: u6UZLO9.png]
[Image: 9dmbTLx.png]
[Image: Vze21dl.png]
[Image: ikCDsYI.png]

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