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Lightning was right - Jumpman M.D. - 03-06-2021

Somewhere in the ballpark of 8-12 years ago, I was on these forums under the name “Banjzooie”. Somehow, I can’t remember how, at one point, a religious debate thread started. At the time, I asserted unequivocally that my religion was the only right one. A member called Lightning gave a lot of good reasons that I was wrong. I remained ignorant. At first he was rightfully disgusted by me, but then he said “I learned eventually... maybe you will too.” And if Lightning is still around, I want him to know that although it took many years, I DID learn. My beliefs are much different now, much more like his were, actually. And that I’m sorry for how stubborn/ignorant I was then.

Anyway! That’s off my chest.