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Eclipsed Memories Plot Edit - JaberandCamgar - 03-06-2021

Over the past few days, I have been reconsidering one of the scenes in my story's plot. When I have the group at Dire Dire Docks, I came to realize that the "Snifit or Whiffit" part was kind of silly (and it has since been replaced by "Shy Guys Finish Last" in Paper Mario: The Origami King). So I had to think . . . what could Mario and company do to pay for the Odessy's Harnessphere.

Then suddenly, I got the best idea: Dire Dire Docks would have a water main problem. There was something that was blocking the port's sewage and plumbing systems, and the mayor asked the party to go down and investigate. This would be similar to the scene in Bowser's Inside Story when Bowser had an issue with his flame pipe. What makes this a great idea is that this entire area is going to be a big homage to Mario Bros. The POW Block, which first appeared in this game, could be used as an overworld gimmick. I was thinking of having blocks or boulders that take several hits with the Bros' Hammer to break that can also be done by the POW Block. This could make for some interesting puzzles. The enemies in the area can obviously be those that appeared in the arcade: Shellcreepers, Sidesteppers and Fighter Flies. I could also have Scaredy Rats there, too. The special Wiggler character that I depicted in the FanFiction edition could be the final boss of the area and the cause of the plumbing problem (perhaps by poisoning the water). The mayor could then reward the party by paying for the Harnessphere (or have the Bonneters gift it to them).

In other news, here is one of my most recent pictures depicting the scenes in my story. Originally posted on Reddit: [Image: 22lp5006whl61.png?width=4000&format=png&...bac534ddab]