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(New) Mario's Dreamscape (Needed help!) - SonicZetrex - 12-16-2017

Remember that old post with the old game I was meant to be working on? Well, here I am starting at it again with a fresh development. Although, I'm completely new for gaining support properly to this game with Gatete's Engine 8 (or the future one, by any chance). So, I only thought that would be a good idea to start settling with things and enhancing it even further. So I only hope that it will be done well, since I'm completely responsible of how the story goes and how the game pertaining towards SMB2 resemblance . And, as always, I'll keep doing my best to do this in solo.

Here's the old screenshots (which again, have "2")
[Image: 21jrfxz.png]
[Image: v4yv5j.png]

Here is the old download (4 levels):

* 1. Grass *
* 2. Desert *
* 3. Forest *
* 4. Snow *
* 5. Island *
* 6. Volcano *
* 7. Wart's Temple *
-If anyone have any descriptive ideas for the names, let me know :3

And also, I'll start creating a server for Discord, if it's necessary.

If anyone wants to help, please let me know. Because, I might be able to make it be graceful such as "PSF" or "SMDimensions" based on gameplay and other mechanics.