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Chronology of Metroid - Cap Red 64 - 04-06-2021

Have you ever wondered what the Metroid cronology is? Well ... if you've thought about it, me too! I know there is some genius of this in the forum. What could tell what the Metroid cronology is. Confused

RE: Chronology of Metroid - Murphmario - 04-10-2021

I was gonna describe the events of the entire Metroid series here, but I'm just gonna list the entries in order:
-The Metroid Manga (yes, this is canon)
-Metroid (Zero Mission)
-The three Metroid Prime games, Hunters comes between 2 and 3 I think
-Metroid 2/Samus Returns
-Super Metroid
-Metroid Other M
-Metroid Fusion
-Also Samus takes a nap at Mushroom Castle in Super Mario RPG, take that as you will
In short: Space Pirates and their commander Ridley cause problems with jellyfish-creatures known as Metroids, and a bounty hunter known as Samus Aran who gets equipment from bird statues destroys them while also blowing up at least four different planets. Also there are deadly diseases as well that threaten the universe, so Samus takes care of that as well.