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Hello World! :D - Shadic34 - 04-08-2021

Hello everyone! Other Big Brin My name is Shadic34,im a big Mario and Sonic fan and i decided to join in because i was kinda curious... Yeah that's the reason... Whoops! Anyhow i'm happy to be part of this community tho idk if i'm gonna be really active here... Well anyways bye! Wink

RE: Hello World! :D - GeneralGuy - 04-10-2021

Welcome to MFGG, Shadic34! Enjoy your stay  Big Grin

RE: Hello World! :D - warioCritic - 04-10-2021


RE: Hello World! :D - myDominance - 04-22-2021

been around the block a couple times, we're a tough crowd to get along with but I'm sure after a few lessons you'll be at home here, if you have any question please either direct them at me or the admin of this page, though he takes a while to respond so your best bet would be to just listen to me.