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Any good mario fan games? - ZhakirSetie - 05-27-2021

I enjoy the mario franchise, and ever since I beat odyssey a few years back, I've been playing some fan games, though I couldn't find much good fan games.

RE: Any good mario fan games? - Shadow Administrator Drei - 05-27-2021

JUMP and 1/2 and the VIP romhacks for SMW.

Anything made by Hello.

RE: Any good mario fan games? - warioCritic - 05-29-2021

Essence Of Waluigi is the best one.

RE: Any good mario fan games? - smbmaster99 - 05-30-2021

Mario Vs the Koopas by Castor
Super Mario Bros DDX by Gworx/Guinea
Psycho Waluigi by Thunder Dragon

and Super Mario Bros Odyssey Ch.1 is pretty good *nudge nudge wink wink* Cool Cool Cool

RE: Any good mario fan games? - Mors - 05-31-2021

I'm starting to get impressed by these spam accounts. The main post was originally an innocent question about fangames, but it was edited at some point to include links to shady sites. I'm not sure if the question itself was a part of the plan, or made by an actual user whose account got hacked though.

I edited the post back, and am gonna keep the thread up just because people are posting some good fangame suggestions.

I guess I could contribute too, Super Mario Stardust is ancient and not very good by today's standards, but it is a good look back at what fangames used to be like back in the day.

RE: Any good mario fan games? - Shadic34 - 06-05-2021

I would recommand Toads Toad vs Koopas Bowser its like plants vs zombies but y'know... More Mario like