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Night One: EXECUTION/TRIAL RESULTS - Dimentio - 12-16-2017

You have chosen to lynch either @UltLuigi or @littlelum. They both flip a coin. ULTLUIGI gets HEADS and LITTLELUM gets TAILS... meaning LITTLELUM will now be EXECUTED.

Everyone is gathered in the KITCHEN where PERFORMANCE CHEF DIMENTIO has strapped LITTLELUM down to the COUNTER and is JUGGLING KNIVES. With great SHOWMANSHIP, LITTLELUM is finely DICED with the KNIVES and thrown into a GIANT STEWPOT. LITTLELUM STEW is later served to the PLAYERS, who feel COMPELLED to eat it. "These are your JUST DESERTS for lynching an INNOCENT."

littlelum was the ULTIMATE PLAYER TWO and his details are as follows:
+You must choose one target each night as your PLAYER ONE. You may then choose to forfeit the rest of your actions and FOLLOW that player during the Killing Phase, gaining exclusive clues about their actions in your witness account.
+Should you FOLLOW your PLAYER ONE, they have a higher chance of succumbing to another player’s murder attempt in your place should you be specifically targeted. This may only occur once in the entire Killing Game.
-All of your actions come after your PLAYER ONE whether you FOLLOW them or not.
-If your PLAYER ONE attempts to kill you, they have a higher chance than normal to succeed since they get to play before you.

Things You Missed
Here are just SOME of the things that you missed that were important to solving this case:
  • The TOAD JANITOR was NAGITO KOMAEDA. Several of you saw that the TOAD JANITOR'S NAME TAG started with an "N" (meaning only one possible player could have been him), and one of you even saw him dress up as the TOAD JANITOR in the DINING ROOM. Yet, you ignored him. Could he have done it or was he cleaning up someone else's mess? You'll never know now. Laughing
  • LITTLELUM and STIRLADREI were not the only players that no one ever saw. Could one of the MIA players have done it? I'll never tell... at least not until the end of the game. Soveryhappy
  • Isn't it possible the KNIFE was planted in WILLSABER'S MATTRESS? Confused
  • Where are the other two KNIVES? Confused
  • What's going on with the PILLOW CASES? Confused

The next Killing Phase will be available soon! Stay tuned!