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Heyo, everyone! - SonicZetrex - 08-13-2021

It's been a really long time, and it feels great to come back to the forums that I've missed so much! How long has it been these days...1 day, 2 days...maybe more than I can count with many months since I've left, Ha ha! =w='

While it feels great to be at home that helped me change a lot, it's important to say that I'm ready to fully return to be as active as I can with many works in my plate.

And to also show how much I've improved since I've left at around 2020 last year...

With a last to say with many important projects on its way this year! Hope it counts as a good return. :3


RE: Heyo, everyone! - VinnyVideo - 08-13-2021

Howdy - welcome back to MFGG! The COVID-19 pandemic has messed with everyone's sense of time. Maybe sometime played the Inverted Song of Time and no one heard!

I wonder what cool things you've been working on...

RE: Heyo, everyone! - King Piranha Plant - 08-13-2021

Yo welcome back! I'm not sure if I was active back when you were here last but it's great to see more people returning  Cool

RE: Heyo, everyone! - SonicZetrex - 08-13-2021

@VinnyVideo For now, I'm only working on project for the rom-hack, and producing many animations and art as possible in order to focus on other projects on hold. And yes, the project for the " Greatest Adventure " may finally be out of hiatus as soon as I can quickly get to it! :3

@King Piranha Plant And it's great to hear!

RE: Heyo, everyone! - E-Man - 08-14-2021

Good to see you on here, too! I remember you had your start here, so I was impressed how much you progressed as an animator!

As for me, I'd post here more often, but I really have not much to show yet. My Paper Mario project is on standby as I develop for this indie game. Hopefully, I'll get back to work on it as soon as possible. Of course, I'm rather busy with other animation experiments. In fact, this current one has the potential to bring my animation career to new heights!

RE: Heyo, everyone! - SonicZetrex - 09-27-2021

To be specific on what I'm currently working on (for anyone that is curious :3)...

One of the three is the story that takes place in a cave. Which, of course, I'm talking about Cave Story! I planned to let this be the main focus that I will be producing more often, let alone with many things that will come along with it. Because of the story that I've admired so much ever since then, I wanted it to be the best it can be by trying to make it engaging enough for many to support it.

[Image: J5sWT85.gif]

The second project is based on the "Greatest Adventure" which was mentioned on my last topic that which I've planned to do. But unfortunately, because of the lack of planning and the time needed to put more effort into what it can be, I put it in hiatus until I was able to come up with something that can have an important meaning. Since I'm able to come up with a story good enough to make this an "adventurous" one, I've came up with new additions that can make it not only charming but fun in a way to preserve its purpose. And also, I came up with a title that is based on discovering a "strange island", which I will name it as an...

[Image: skVs65W.png]

And hopefully I'll make in progress by the time I'm able to publish the first scene as the "start of the adventure!" :3

And last but not the least, a special one was in the making for the two characters I have present in here!
[Image: h0xdH4S.png][Image: bqd4I1q.png]
Sadly... there isn't too many to give for the project. But lets just say that it's a secret to save later.

Should be all that I'm willing to show you, and hopefully it should be prepared to be seen later this year!