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Super Mario Star Scramble: Re-Birth - SuperPiter_MFGGForums - 09-20-2021

[Image: BFtlmom.png]

Ah yes, Super Mario Star Scramble... A truly magnificent Flash-Game Trilogy of simple levels of Star-Hunting and Puzzles... But... Where are the devs of the original Trilogy? Where there more ideas for more entries?  These questions STILL remain unanswered... However, i, have decided that maybe it's time to give Star Scramble a little... Let's say, modernization?  Well, that fits anyway, Whoops! whoops.

Still, the premise of this fan-game is more or less bring back those beloved classics from so-many-years ago to a more modern engine and gameplay. But this ain't a port son, no no no! It's a entirely new fan-made entry, made in Construct 2, it's still currently in development. I have plans to maybe... Release a fully-fledged demo during NCFC 2021, but who knows, right? Wink


[Image: ipMsqzs.png]

[Image: SMP2sUg.png]

You can play the currently outdated prototype by clicking Here.

This game is still very much W.I.P, so if you were kind to hand over ideas or some help when needed, that would be great.

RE: Super Mario Star Scramble: Re-Birth - RetroRespecter - 09-22-2021

I see you are making some headway into this.

RE: Super Mario Star Scramble: Re-Birth - Roo - 09-23-2021

I haven't played the original(s) so I'm not the best judge if you're aiming for a 100% accurate remake, but here's my thoughts:
- Don't use Up as the jump key, it's annoying
- Remove the animation from the HUD coin, it's distracting
- The walljump should probably go a bit higher. The part where you have to jump between the pipe and the wall was frustrating.

I also couldn't find the third star, but I assume it simply doesn't exist. Other than that, feels decent enough.