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NCFC 2021 BEGINS! - Mors - 10-30-2021

NCFC 2021 has finally begun! You can now view all the games that are submitted from the website!

We will have some live streams going on through the event too, you can find a full list of those in our Discord server.

And if you haven't seen it yet, we put out a trailer for the event a while ago too!

Hope you guys enjoy the event!

RE: NCFC 2021 BEGINS! - Mors - 11-06-2021

Aaaaand with that, we have reached the end of another NCFC. Thank you everyone for sticking with us, that was a fun one!

We are putting up a feedback form for the event, where you can give us your opinions so that we can do better next year.

See you all at SAGE 2022, and whatever event we end up holding here next!