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Model of my Yoshi OC - DogToon64 - 09-03-2022

I was working on a model of my Yoshi OC last month and I thought I'd share my current progress here as well as The VG Resource and MFGG Discord servers:

A test render I made:

The model is mostly complete, all I need to do is polish it to make look a bit better. It hasn't been released yet, but I've been thinking about releasing it in the future. Not sure when, though.

RE: Model of my Yoshi OC - Evil Yoshi Toes - 09-26-2022

I think the long spikes are cool but why are the original Yoshi spikes still there?

RE: Model of my Yoshi OC - DogToon64 - 09-26-2022

The brown spikes are actually his hair, it was kind of hard to make since it's in the same place his spikes are. The backside of his head has always been difficult to design. LOL