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The 2022 FIFA World Cup - VinnyVideo - 11-20-2022

So the World Cup's finally here. This year it's in Qatar, a tiny Middle Eastern nation with a far-from-stellar record on human rights. Because of Qatar's brutally hot climate, they had to move the World Cup from its normal summer calendar to November and December, which has never happened before.

Still, I'll be watching some of the games, at least the ones that start at sane times. I'm thinking Brazil has the best chance to win - they always have a good shot at winning it all, and they're finally back to top form.

RE: The 2022 FIFA World Cup - Tech - 11-25-2022

I'm a bag fan of soccer... once in every 4 years, funny that.

We did fairly bad against France after a solid start.  Gonna watch us play Tunisia later today; I don't get to watch many live streams because of work/sleep.

Think Brazil is my pick too, although I just want to see a good final match!

RE: The 2022 FIFA World Cup - Mechant - 12-01-2022

0-0 against England, that's a win in my heart.

EDIT: Aaaaand we're out.