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Plush toy thread - Baby Kermit - 03-27-2018

Hey Guys !  Smile i want to show you all my plush Toy colection today, and You can please post your Toys in this thread too !  Wink

[Image: pzXpFr4.jpg]

here are the toys i have now  Other Big Brin i would Like to get more mario toys some time and also maybe a plush of dr. Teeth because he is my dads favorite

RE: Plush toy thread - Vitiman - 03-27-2018

You have wonderful plush toys. Don't let anyone tell you that you shouldn't collect them, I think it's a great thing and you get to show people all the cool things you like! Smile

RE: Plush toy thread - Retriever II - 03-30-2018

I only have one, which I picked up at a con earlier this year.  I posed with it for the recent Pokemon Go Community Day event.

[Image: y4mO5g2wYMpBeuWuIxMurUZa0NDM-IOThHOYbSBx...pmode=none]

I've guess I've become a fan of the bulba.

RE: Plush toy thread - Mario - 03-30-2018

Cool stuff. I have a few but they're all in storage so I can't share at the moment.

RE: Plush toy thread - jas - 04-02-2018

I had a mushroom plushie and a yoshi plushie but those had to be thrown out after my last apartment had a rodent problem after I left it vacant for 2 weeks (building had a problem that the leaking/flooding hot water unit created a portal for)... the plushies were left out in the open in the front room and the mice, uh, loved them. They also enjoyed a fox fur keychain I had which I think they tried to aggressively make love to.

RE: Plush toy thread - Langton - 04-02-2018

I have a blessed Temmie plush that buys me Pepsi and verbally reaffirms my self-worth.

RE: Plush toy thread - VinnyVideo - 04-02-2018

@jas Rodents who eat your Yoshi? That is an extremely vile thing for a mouse to do!

@Langton That is a very wholesome Temmie.

I actually don't have any video game-related plushies, although I have a few non-plush things.

RE: Plush toy thread - Evil Yoshi Toes - 04-02-2018

That baby Kermit plushie is very cute. I hope you get your hands on a Dr. Teeth some time. 
I have a few more back at home, but to school I brought only the essential:
[Image: GKWVxTf.jpg]
Donkey from Shrek

RE: Plush toy thread - pattephip - 01-05-2022

Wow, you have so many toys! I'm so happy when I'm seeing people who are still collecting things like these. I've kept every single toy that I've got when I was a kid and now I'm passing them to my children. They are so excited about this and now they've asked me to buy some dragon costumes in order to complete their collection. I must admit that we need a separate room in order to hold everything. My wife has told me that I should give some of them away, but I can't do that. They are a huge part of my childhood that I don't want to give up

RE: Plush toy thread - Vert - 01-07-2022

If we're bringing this thread back from the dead I might as well brag about my cool plushie.

[Image: E0nCyb3XEAI7ia9?format=jpg&name=medium]