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RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - Ostrich101 - 06-24-2018

Changed the Logo of Super Mario Generations to something more Mario-esc.
[Image: Super_Mario_Generations_Logo.png]

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - Ostrich101 - 06-24-2018

[Image: WAH_0.png]
Luigi and Peach in the style of Super Mario 64: Really Good Edition
(@Cruise Elroy don't attack me pls.)

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - Evil Yoshi Toes - 06-24-2018

@Ostrich101 I really like the Mario and Luigi sprites. They’re look a little weird and somewhat misshapen but to me it’s kind of working in their favor. I’m not sure if it was intentional but they have a charm about them. 
Princess Peach has some of that but she’s not really doing it for me yet. Something I like about the Mario and Luigi is that you exaggerated parts of them by making their hats huge and you simplified their bodies into little balls. I think you can take a similar approach to her, possibly making her hair and dress very big as those are her more prominent features and keeping her head the same. I’d also make her arms look less deformed because they’re a bit too misshapen in my opinion. 
I think these are going in an interesting direction. I’m not sure what your intention was with these sprites but this is just the way I see it working.

Something I’m not a fan of on any of the sprites are the excessive jagged edges. I think they can work on a few places but they look kind of jarring in others.

EDIT: oh I didn’t realize Mario 64 Really Good Edition was an existing thing, I thought it was something of your own creation and this was a style you were working on.

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - Cruise Elroy - 06-24-2018

Luigi looks pretty accurate to how I'd probably portray him, although Peach kinda doesn't feel like she fits in with the other two; I think it might have to do with proportions but I'm not really sure.

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - Ostrich101 - 06-25-2018

[Image: WAH_65.png]
Waluigi in the style of Super Mario 64: Really Good Edition
(@Cruise Elroy, does it like how you'd probably portray Waluigi?)

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - Cruise Elroy - 06-26-2018

I'd give him sideburns and some teeth, but otherwise it doesn't look that off.

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - Ostrich101 - 07-08-2018

Wario and Waluigi in the style of Super Mario 64: Really Good Edition. @Cruise Elroy
[Image: WAH_66.png]
Sonic Before the Sequel but it's a Sega CD/32X game.
[Image: Sonic_Before_the_Sequel_but_if_it_was_a_...X_game.png]

Also, i'm going to be posting in thread from now on?

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - TheMeadTree - 07-15-2018


[Image: Photoshop_2018-07-14_21-33-53.png]

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - SilverVortex - 07-27-2018

[Image: mario_ssb_dspecial2.gif]
smol smash maro

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - sc00pj0hn - 07-31-2018

Posting my Cave Story sprites ranch... been working on this for several days.

[Image: annabelle_running_demo.gif]

Since most of you guys might not know who are these characters, they're not mine, and apparently it's going to be a continuing (probably never ending) series of sprites i decided to make just for fun. Here's a list of them:

  1. Annabelle from The Dreams of Annabelle Sunray
  2. Emma from Annventure (yes, it is spelt like that, and it's a game too)
  3. Jeanne from The Brains & The Brawn
  4. Ghire (oc by Leaf)
  5. Donny, my OC for something
  6. Kurotsuno from Obsolete Dream
  7. Wadanohara from Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea
  8. Sumireko Usami from Touhou Project
  9. Cassandra (OC from some server)
  10. Brawn from The Brains & The Brawn
  11. Azzy from Annventure
  12. Brains from The Brains & The Brawn
  13. Francine, OC by Leaf
  14. Memoca from Wadanohara
  15. Sheep from Wadanohara
  16. Natsume from Yo-Kai Watch Shadowside
  17. Bea, OC by Moonie
  18. Melody from The Dreams of Annabelle Sunray
  19. Susan from Mute
  20. Pearl from Splatoon 2
  21. Mischief, OC by ShamefulRadio
  22. Nuc, OC by ShamefulRadio
  23. Fukami from Wadanohara
  24. Nathan Adams from Yo-Kai Watch

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - Ostrich101 - 08-01-2018

[Image: C2_Sonic_Dead.png]
Theres something off about this, but maybe i'm crazy?


RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - SonicZetrex - 08-01-2018

Oh hey! Here's the angel peeking at something! I wonder what's he looking at down there? Confused
[Image: oz8Twk1.gif]

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - TheMeadTree - 08-01-2018

[Image: 5pice_IDE_2018-08-01_16-54-44.png]

Unfinished reimagining...

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - SilverVortex - 08-03-2018

gameboy styled OC!
[Image: con_wip.png]

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - SilverVortex - 08-06-2018

press start!
[Image: press_start.png]

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - SonicKade2048 - 08-10-2018

There hasn't been much activity here as of late (probably from the Discord being more active than the forums nowadays), but I'll give some criticism for the things posted if that helps.
Mead: It really gives off a tone of curiosity and creepiness to me, and I'm always down for something in this kind of style. Horror isn't my favorite genre, but art like this is something I like to see every once in a while.
Silver: The detail is impressive! It looks very close to the actual animation!
sc00p: I'm not a big fan of Cave Story that much, but I like to see artstyles like that anyway. Great job!
Ostrich: I don't see anything wrong with it either, it looks good as-is.
Sonic: Pretty smooth, if I do say. Nothing seems to be off about it at all. What is he looking at, though? Maybe Ostrich's sprites?
Mead (2): The light source is a bit questionable, but it looks amazing anyway. The boots' position could probably use some work, though. They look too slanted.
Silver (2): The position of the right eye/where the nose is confuses me, what's it supposed to be? The fingers aren't looking as good as I had hoped, either, they're a bit out of proportion. Still looks nice.
Silver (3): I'd probably add a bit more shading to Mario's head and hat, and the ear seems too detailed.

Now that that's out of the way, here's something I've been working on. I've finally decided to make sprites of my characters, starting with Kade the Shy Guy. I'll be doing SMB1, SMB2 USA, SMB3, and SMW variants of all three of them, but for now here's Kade's SMB1 sprites. Blue backgrounds indicate normal sprites, and purple indicates alternates/extras. They're incomplete, though.
[Image: kirbs2.png]
And here's a mockup of the 4 styles, plus the original sprite that I'm basing these on.
[Image: kirbs.png]

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - SonicZetrex - 08-25-2018

I finally drew a couple of these "two", even though it's a lot of hard work.
[Image: hcVBmaI.png]

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - Yoshi2000 - 08-26-2018

[Image: unknown.png]
[Image: unknown.png]
Just remakin' some NES Box art.

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - Damarioman - 08-26-2018

Here's an excerpt from a sheet I've been working on. It's smb2 snes colourings for my custom smb2 characters. I'm trying to keep true to the palette  and sprite sizes to make it easier to put into a romhack. I'm not quite sure of the shading though...

RE: Sprites /Art WIP/Showcase topic - TheMeadTree - 09-23-2018

[Image: Process.gif]