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Morrad's Art - Mariotroid - 05-26-2018

[Image: gUM0l4r.jpg]
[Image: ENRQSpI.png]
[Image: 1FpYgja.jpg]
[Image: 2Imei2N.jpg]

Just some drawings for competitions on this forum. Was wondering what you guys think and if you know ways I can improve my art.

RE: Morrad's Art - Evil Yoshi Toes - 05-31-2018

I meant to comment on here when you posted the thread but I got sidetracked and forgot to, but I now remembered.

I like your art! I especially like the one of Mallow. I saw that you're going to study art, so here are some thoughts I have for you to take into consideration. Most of this I've learned from teachers at my school, so this is based on how I've been taught and isn't definitive. It has helped me a lot though.
Your technique is unique and I think there is something interesting about it. I believe I talked about it already on another art related thread you made a while ago, but I've forgotten what it was I said. I apologize if I repeat myself. I like the idea of less refined marks, but I think it'd help you to be more thoughtful with how you use the marks. Right now everything is hectic and some areas that shouldn't call too much attention are calling the most attention because of how much movement is in their lines (i.e. the globe on the Mario Odyssey cover; my eye goes down to the globe rather than to Mario, who I assume is more of a focus in the composition). Line wight is another thing to take into consideration, especially if you aren't using value. Another reason why the globe calls so much attention is because the line is so thick around it.

I think you can also pay some more attention to how the lines show motion. I'm not sure how to explain this in words, but here's an example that uses line to create motion very effectively:
[Image: amnon_zm.jpg]

I think I might have shown you that example on the other thread, but it really is a great example of how to show motion using fluid line. Each line serves a purpose. Also notice how the artist slows down on some places and refines them, such as the faces. This gives us a place to settle down and focus on for a bit and draws attention to the area.

The pieces you posted have some drawing issues, but I think it could be mostly due to you going straight into pen (I assume). It could help you to do pencil sketches underneath until you've really mastered drawing whatever it is the subject you are drawing is if you're trying to make a really good piece. If you're just sketching to practice working with ink I don't think it's a problem as long as you are conscious of the drawing errors.

On your other thread I mentioned knowing an artist whose work I think would interest you, but I couldn't remember his name. I still can't remember his name. If I remember it I'll definitely let you know.

I hope this was helpful. You have something cool going on, but I think slowing down and thinking a little more about how you will approach each subject will help a lot. I hope you have fun and learn a lot in school.

RE: Morrad's Art - Mariotroid - 05-31-2018

Thanks for the response @Evil Yoshi Toes.

I'l take what you said into consideration. Especially pencil, line weight, and focus. Thanks a lot again. Your help is appreciated.

RE: Morrad's Art - Mariotroid - 06-10-2018

[Image: ctpRlTG.jpg]

I tried some of the techniques you suggested @Evil Yoshi Toes. Focus mostly as a technique. This was done with marker.

RE: Morrad's Art - Evil Yoshi Toes - 06-10-2018

Thats great! There's clear focal points and the line is used effectively to show texture.

RE: Morrad's Art - Q-Nova - 06-10-2018

There's some good art here, Morrad! Your latest one is really nice and quite an improvement, it's kinda funny to see Mario and a few Goombas with a realistic-looking moose. Laughing

RE: Morrad's Art - Evil Yoshi Toes - 06-10-2018

Agreed, it’s very Odyssey-esque in that way

RE: Morrad's Art - VinnyVideo - 06-11-2018

Nice job! I'm glad you took Evil Yoshi's advice. I still see your old style (which is a good thing), but you made it a lot clearer and more refined.

RE: Morrad's Art - Mariotroid - 06-14-2018

[Image: IFwqvbP.jpg]

Latest drawing using pencil first and focus (as Evil Yoshi Toes suggested)

RE: Morrad's Art - Evil Yoshi Toes - 06-15-2018

Awesome job

RE: Morrad's Art - Honey Saucer Gengar - 06-15-2018

Noice wish I could draw like that.

RE: Morrad's Art - Mariotroid - 06-15-2018

(06-15-2018, 04:14 PM)gengarmaster Wrote: Noice wish I could draw like that.

Thanks. It's just practice.

I feel I need to start coloring my creations.

RE: Morrad's Art - Mariotroid - 06-22-2018

Not very good but I tried.
[Image: nGSUPJg.jpg]

I'm thinking of redoing this.

RE: Morrad's Art - Mariotroid - 06-23-2018

[Image: 199458A.jpg]

...its good to ease yourself into better things.

RE: Morrad's Art - Mariotroid - 06-25-2018

[Image: ruOtN5E.jpg]

Comments and criticism is welcome as always.

Sorry for triple posting. Is this allowed?

RE: Morrad's Art - Evil Yoshi Toes - 06-25-2018

I love that one! Very funny concept and it's well executed. I assume triple posting in this way is allowed since you're updating your art thread with new art.

RE: Morrad's Art - Mariotroid - 06-27-2018

[Image: NYo36nl.jpg]

Latest drawing

RE: Morrad's Art - GamerInGeorgia - 06-27-2018

Looks nice! I just can't really tell the difference between the ground and the water (if there is water in the drawing). Maybe try making the water a bit darker or something?

RE: Morrad's Art - Mariotroid - 06-27-2018

(06-27-2018, 07:38 PM)GamerInGeorgia Wrote: Looks nice! I just can't really tell the difference between the ground and the water (if there is water in the drawing). Maybe try making the water a bit darker or something?

Good thinking and I agree it's hard to see.

RE: Morrad's Art - Mariotroid - 07-01-2018

[Image: sY9MzCj.jpg]

Drawing of the day.