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Yu-Gi-Oh! | MFGG Monthly Mayhem - Yoshin - 05-29-2018

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MFGG Monthley Mayham: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Every month we come together and play some multiplayer mayhem. This month, things are gonna be a little bit different in that we're doing the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.
First though I should answer some questions that will no doubt be asked

How do I play Yu-Gi-Oh?
To learn to play you can read the rulebook or you can search on youtube, there are plenty of great tutorials on there.
How are we going to play Yu-Gi-Oh on a computer?
To play Yu-Gi-Oh on a PC we're going to use ygopro, a free simulator that can be downloaded here. I also recommend you play around with it for a bit to figure out how to use the program.
Why aren't we using Dueling Network/Duel Book?
Simply put, to prevent cheaters. As ygopro is automatic it is almost impossible to cheat.
How do I connect to my opponent?
-Make sure you are both using the same server, for this event we'll use the USA server.
-One of you will have to host a game, to do this there is a button in the top right that says host. Please make the password "MFGG" without quotations. You also want to write in the notes section something about the monthly mayhem event
- Set the duel mode from "single 
-There is a checkbox to "show locked rooms" press it if you cannot find your opponent
- You can also search for "mfgg" or "monthly mayhem" assuming they wrote it in the notes section.

With this out of the way I will now state that the event will take place all day Friday June 1st. Duel when you have time! Don't be afraid to contact people via PM or Discord to make sure they're available to duel.
If you have any questions/concerns please say so in this thread.

RE: Yu-Gi-Oh! | MFGG Monthly Mayhem - DragonFreak - 05-29-2018

Put me in coach

RE: Yu-Gi-Oh! | MFGG Monthly Mayhem - Copperama - 05-30-2018

I will have to relearn Yuug-e-OH, or I might just copy an official deck.

RE: Yu-Gi-Oh! | MFGG Monthly Mayhem - Gato - 05-30-2018

Awe yiieah.

RE: Yu-Gi-Oh! | MFGG Monthly Mayhem - Gato - 05-30-2018

I'll be sure to build my irl deck soon! Just lmk personally when to enter, Yoshin.