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Catonator's music v2.0 - Catonator - 11-28-2017

Grand re-opening of the topic nobody cares about. I'll just dump all of my stuff here and I'll continue to post stuff in the future. Hopefully.

[OpenMPT] collab2.mptm

[OpenMPT] imnotverygoodwithname.mptm

[OpenMPT] Funky's Fugue remix

[OpenMPT] Police Chase

[FL Studio] Ice Cap Zone remix

[FL Studio] Synchobonk remix

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Catonator - 02-06-2018

[FL Studio] Vice City Theme Cover

This one was supposed to be done in early January, but then things happened and it wasn't done in early January. Whoops.
But it's here now and it's here to be relevant for about as long as you spend reading this message.

Created using a few different synthesizers, 80s percussion samples and real guitar(s), it's a cover of the theme from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. How seasonal. Dunno what's next.

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Catonator - 03-03-2018

[FL Studio] GoldenEye 007 - Bunker 1 cover

You know what time it is? It's Soundcloud advertising time! I made this relatively quick cover of everyone's least cared about song from GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64. It exists. It's on Soundcloud. This is a description.

Uploads continue to be erratic, it's been less than a month since the last upload. Woo hoo.

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - VinnyVideo - 03-03-2018

More cool stuff. What program do you use to make these?

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Catonator - 03-04-2018

The program is in the brackets in front of the song titles in my posts. I use FL Studio mostly nowadays, although I might still sometimes do something OpenMPT.

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - VinnyVideo - 03-04-2018

This just in: Vinny is unable to read.

(Although maybe I overlooked the [OpenMPT] tag because I still think of it as ModPlug. This made me realize that I should probably learn more about this tool.)

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Catonator - 03-18-2018

[FL Studio] Sunset Stroll

An original composition for a change! I'm not sure what to say. Originally made for a different purpose, it turned out quite different than I planned so it was kinda unfit for it's original purpose. But what was the original purpose? It remains a secret since it's an unannounced project...

Also, a record-breaking 2 weeks between released tracks! I have a lot of free time on my hands now, so I can work on stuff like this.

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - VinnyVideo - 03-19-2018

Going two weeks without releasing a new track? That's nothing to feel bad about. I usually go two years without finishing music.

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Catonator - 04-01-2018

[FL Studio] Electronic Cherry Blossom

I guess 2 weeks is the new release schedule standard! It's not a complaint... more of an observation. 2 weeks is better than a month, but it just feels more... rushed. I guess. I hope it's not reflected in the track itself. Anyway, here's a music track yet again. It's an original composition, not a cover. I've always been bad at writing these little text pieces, but it also now feels wrong to release a track without them so uhhhhh

Featuring the second debut of my little TD-12 module, the drumkit that could. Actual MIDI controlled physical instruments are bit more of a pain to work with but I guess it's rewarding? The percussion sounds a bit better here, at least in my opinion. Also, more analog synths than usual. Synth1 is an interesting VST.

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Catonator - 05-18-2018

[FL Studio] Unwanted Attack

The revenge of real guitars! This was done for a friend's game project which I'm not sure if he wants to publish any info of yet so I'm refraining from doing that for now. Uh what else? Right, it's not a cover yet again, although there are some pretty clear inspirations.

I'm actually sort of glad about this. I'm still not 100% sure if I like some of the composition choices I made, but I couldn't figure out how to fix them either so they're there and they will bug me until the end of time. But on the other hand, I got to use guitars again, and oh boy, it sure is fun. I regret that I didn't record the chords for Sunset Stroll with an acoustic guitar now, since in hindsight the synth guitar sounds kinda bad. Also the mixing was terrible.

Also a whopping month and 3 weeks since my last release. I'm annoyed, since I made a lot of music during the period, just nothing I felt like polishing up and releasing. I guess I can let go of the hope that I'll actually have a nice schedule for releasing music like some people with professionalism and actual skill and talent.

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Yakibomb - 05-18-2018

I think your music is cool! The song starts off a little fast, then at 0:37 kind of slows down. I don't want my comment to sound like an "unwanted attack"! Smile

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Catonator - 06-17-2018

[OpenMPT] Super Starblasters Soundtrack

Triple trouble!  I wrote some music for that simple asteroids clone I made mostly to just practice C# and Monogame. At first it was just one song, but then I got bored and composed two more, whoops.

This time made using ModPlug (aka OpenMPT), mostly to crush down the filesize, but also to get that nice nostalgic tracker sound. These three tracks combined take just about 1.3 megabytes of space when included with the game. Also I got to actually make a track in ModPlug, which was fun.

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Catonator - 07-23-2018

[FL Studio] Stranded Spaceman

A slightly rushed track for Mors' GM48 entry. It was supposed to be "Lo-Fi", but I don't know if this qualifies as such.

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Catonator - 08-10-2018

[OpenMPT] Sudden Stop

I was bored and made some tracker music. Not really sure what else there is to say about this.

ModPlug is still way more fun to use than FL is.

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - VinnyVideo - 08-10-2018

I don't have a lot of profound critique to offer, but I always enjoy your stuff. Sudden Stop sounds like Sonic game meets racing game... which is not a bad thing at all!

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Catonator - 01-22-2019

Activity be damned, right? I haven't updated this topic in a while, so time to post all the new stuff in bulk:

Here are some cover tracks I've done for fun or whatever:

[FL Studio] Skyward Fire Cover

A cover of the track Skyward Fire from Unreal Tournament '99. It's a bit of a rushed mess, but whatever.

[FL Studio] Jazz Belmont Cover

Jazz Belmont, from Jazz Jackrabbit 2! I love this soundtrack, and this cover was for halloween, so the Castlevania parody track seemed appropriate enough.

[ModPlug] Clocktowers Beneath the Sea Remix

I've used the term "remix" quite liberally so far, but I feel like I can call this one an actual remix. It was done with FT2's XM module type in mind, so it became an archetypal dance track... It's a pretty rough around the edges, so I kinda regret doing it now. But it's up there anyways.


[Playlist] Girl of War

I ended up getting drafted to army, after Syx asked me to do music for War Girl. Here's a playlist of the tracks I've released so far. I'll try to keep some secrets for the final game...

[Album] Ghostly Getaway Soundtrack

I composed the music for the LD43 project between a lot of people. In retrospect it really sounds like a soundtrack composed in just 3 days, but it is what it is. It'll get a slight update for the upcoming rerelease.

[Album] The Singles Collection

It's a... remasters collection. Includes some new and previously unreleased stuff as well. I wasn't happy with the mixing in my previous SoundCloud releases so I went back and fixed it for this version. It was also meant as a kind of starter for another, possibly upcoming album release, but that hasn't panned out. Yet.

[FL Studio] I Tripped on a Rainbow

And finally, a fun little track I did. I tested a bunch of styles and synths I haven't really used before and it ended up quite well in my opinion, for whatever it's worth.

I think that's all of them. See you again in like 5 months when I remember to log in again.

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Neweegee - 01-22-2019

Haven't had time to listen to all the tracks, but the ones I've heard sound pretty well made! Especially I Tripped on a Rainbow and the Ghostly Getaway soundtrack(considering it was made in 3 days)

I know it's hard to do as a humble composer, seeing any and all flaws your stuff might have, but you should probably be a little more proud of your work than you sound right now.

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Syaxamaphone - 01-22-2019

Cato's come very far as a composer in recent years. War Girl is all the better for having him on board.

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Catonator - 01-22-2019

Thank you both. I'm really happy to do music for War Girl.
(01-22-2019, 04:15 PM)Neweegee Wrote: you should probably be a little more proud of your work than you sound right now

You can't tell me how to live my life...!!!

RE: Catonator's music v2.0 - Evil Yoshi Toes - 01-22-2019

You have a lot of really great work here.