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STGBuilder English Translation project - sc00pj0hn - 06-03-2018

Me and some friend in met in Fighter Maker have been investigating on making a translation of STGBuilder, a free japanese SHMUP engine that was released on 2007 and never got translated.

For a decade, STGBuilder has been always a great tool for Japanese users to make their own SHMUP games along with its unique programming system. It has been known for being the engine used for several games like Revolgear II, Kirisame Blade 2, Graze Counter and the Infinos series. However, the problem is that a English translation has never been considered and among non-Japanese fans like us view this program as pretty obscure. Since now, i've been revealing that i'm on the road to work on an unofficial English translation to this program.

The problem is that i literally am a European and i lack knowledge of Japanese. The first revision i've made so far is to do a very rough translation using a online translator (i used Bing Translator) to change literally every string i find in the RCData (i used Resource Tuner 2, a resource hacking tool for .exes) and the result is a quite mess. Let me show you a quick screenshot of what the translation looks like right now: Not all of the program has been translated due to other strings located in .data, which are hardcoded in the program, but a week ago, we managed to finish translating all the strings, our programmer, longbyte1, is busy on other projects and we won't know if we will manage to finish the translation. If anyone's interested helping me edit the program's strings, i'll be kind to give them permission! We can make this fantranslation come true, join me!

Come join us:

RE: STGBuilder English Translation project - sc00pj0hn - 06-08-2018

Old post, check below.

RE: STGBuilder English Translation project - sc00pj0hn - 06-17-2018

It's finally here! After almost one month of translation work, STGBuilder version 0.99.89's fanmade english patch is ready for use!

What's STGBuilder?:
STGBuilder has been, for a decade, a japanese-only software that allowed users to make their own Shoot 'em ups games with a unique interface, entirely used without the use of a scripting language thanks to its complex driven grid eventing system. It has been a success for several japanese doujin games such as Mecha Ritz, Graze Counter, the Infinos series, Kirisame Blade 2, etc.
However, this saw a rise of a english community who wants to get hands on this software since many years ago, and today, a english patch rises up from its ashes.

Has there any been word from the original author?
In the past there were no plans for an official English translation but the latter has been confirmed for the next upcoming STGBuilder version, however, that'll take months.

What about the documentation, tutorials, etc.?
We're planning to translate that as shortly, but we start with a simple beginner tutorial as a warmup. Stay tuned!

Download patch:

How to apply the patch:
1. Make sure you have downloaded the latest STGBuilder from the official site.
2. Download the patch in the link below.
3. Drag the patch files in your STGBuilder directory. The dlls should load the program with patched strings and incorporated japanese locale in it.


Version 1.01 (16/06/18)
-Fixed a string error in the Entity Editor's type list.

Version 1.00 (16/06/18)
-First version, translation may not be fully accurate so feel free to share feedback!
-Nearly ALL the strings have been translated.

Known problems:
-In the Player Editor, when you make a new weapon, the default name is created with the japanese string. Not a very troublemaking bug.
-Script Editor's translation is partially completed, all the function properties have been translated but the function names aren't translated on the title of the properties + the name width and positions from the grid's panels aren't optimized yet.
-Also related to the Script Editor, the "Loop start" and "Loop end" are both displayed as "Loop", so make sure you memorize the "start" is the 1st loop function, while the "end" is the 2nd loop function, example here:
-In the gates, their numbers cannot be displayed, which can cause confusion.
-"No-op" should be renamed to "Wait".

Translation team:
sc00pj0hn - Project founder, resource hacker, translator.
longbyte1 - Programmer, resource hacker, translator.
Ryann1908 - Minor translator.
YPwn - Programmer, DLL hacker.