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Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - rollerC - 09-02-2018

After taking a lot of time to think and consulting a few friends, I've decided to step down as a chat moderator of MFGG. There are a lot of reasons for this decision, and I want to give an explanation as best I can for the people who care. I'm gonna try to walk people through how I felt in the last month and a half and what brought this all to a head. I encourage you to read through the spoilers, but I've included tl;drs below if that's not your style.

tl;dr: Didn't expect to become mod, just wanted to see what applications would be like.

tl;dr: I was a doofus in Minus World and I'm sorry to the people who got annoyed at my doofusness.

tl;dr: False rumor about me cropped up and made it harder to do my job.

tl;dr: Had to ask why I wasn't getting mod role back instead of being told

tl;dr: no tl;dr, read this one

It was a pleasure to meet all of you guys, and I hope I'll continue to get to know you at my own pace this time. Keep doing your thing. Thanks for reading.

I nominate gengarmaster to replace me as moderator

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - Vitiman - 09-02-2018

It's absolutely disheartening to hear that MFGG's continued drama and toxicity has left a bad taste in someone else's mouth yet again. I left the Discord months ago due to a lot of immaturity and a general disinterest in what people were talking about, but I've heard from some people still there over the last few months that it hasn't really gotten any better.

I can relate to rumours being spread about you behind your back and doing everything you can to clear the air up. Even when you decide to go public and try to explain your side of the story, things are still being said about you in private and the reality is that there's not much you can do about it. It's a tough spot to be in, and one that I don't think anyone who's just trying to have fun being in a community deserves.

Honestly, I completely get you not wanting to really hang around here at length. Go somewhere better suited to you! I haven't seen you around much, but you seem like a nice person - I'm positive leaving all this baggage behind will do you a lot of good in the long run.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - rollerC - 09-02-2018

Thanks, Vitiman, I appreciate it. Hopefully MFGG will die down a bit soon, because I can see the good in this community, but there was just a lot going on that made me feel like I could no longer be in a position of power there.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - VinnyVideo - 09-02-2018

I know we talked about things yesterday, but I'm very sorry it's happened like this. The last couple of months have been rather stormy on the Discord group, and we're trying our best to make things better. However, if you think it's best for you to step down, I understand.

I'd like to apologize to you for the miscommunication that happened. I should've acted more swiftly in addressing the rumors that made it harder for you to do your job. The "maybe take a week off" proposal was not my idea, but as an admin, I still have to "own" these decisions, and that episode wasn't well-handled. I'll do my best to make sure that these lapses in communication don't happen again - I'm currently working on a series of "Make MFGG Better" initiatives, and some of these relate to improving staff communication.

I'm grateful for your willingness to help. Usually we choose staff members who've been more active in the community, but your application was very thoughtful and well-written, so we decided to go ahead and promote you.

Thanks again for helping out. I can totally understand if you want to take a break from MFGG, but please remember that you're always welcome to be part of the MFGG community.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - rollerC - 09-02-2018

Thanks for giving me a shot.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - DustinVG - 09-02-2018

I'm sorry that things turned out this way for you. I can attest that being a staffer on MFGG as of late has been a surprisingly stressful endeavor for a variety of reasons. I can only hope that changes soon.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - Mario - 09-02-2018

Sad to see MFGG's culture (at least in the Discord) can be so alienating to new people trying to be a part of our community.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - Kritter - 09-02-2018

(09-02-2018, 07:58 PM)Mario Wrote: at least in the Discord

Glad you mentioned this because to someone who has never stepped foot into any of the current or previous MFGG Chat attempts, I always think everything is dandy around these parts then BAM, suddenly there's talk of drama and one way or another it gets dragged back onto the forums and I'm like  Huh?  and  Blank then usually followed by  Disagree  and also  Tired

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - rollerC - 09-02-2018

I'll admit that, yes, a lot of the time, the Discord gave me the impression that MFGG was a really disorganized community. It's something I sort of kept to myself, but I don't have any problem airing my laundry now, so I'll openly admit I felt that the community was toxic. There was very little respect from members to staff and occasionally vice versa, and mini-modding/piling on to people for saying x thing happened way, way too often. I'd never really been in a server where there were members who held such disdain for each other that the staff knew of, but didn't choose to address. I was also definitely part of that problem of not addressing it, but half of the reason for that is because I felt like I was walking on eggshells for all the reasons that I resigned. I was hoping becoming a moderator would help me get introduced to the community more, but instead, it made me see that it was not a community I wanted to get involved in. But it was too late to go back. MFGG forums is well-managed and so are the other areas of MFGG, but there are some pretty glaring problems with the Discord that would put me in a bad position with staff if I said anything about it. I'm a little disappointed that the Discord thread in Suggestions hasn't got more traction, because I think we need to have more of a meta discussion between members specifically about how to handle the Discord and the culture of it.

That's not a conversation I'm willing to get involved in for a while, however. I hope my resignation will encourage some (reasonable) talk about this though. I can see now that I'm not the only one to have felt burned from the Discord.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - Kritter - 09-02-2018

MFGG is a strange place with lots of baggage that seems to hang around forever. MFGG as a community has been in a weird place for a while now. Not enough new members who stick around and help the place feel fresh, and the established members are like a family at Christmas time that's been stuck in a room with each other for way too long and are getting snippy.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - Cruise Elroy - 09-02-2018

Most of the things I've wanted to say were already said by others, so I suppose I'll just chime in with the other admins that it really did stink that things had to be the way they were for you. I hope you'll still stick around as a regular member for a while, though! And who knows, if you feel like you'd wanna give this another shot in the future when things are better off for you, feel free to get in touch.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - rollerC - 09-03-2018

Thanks. We'll see, maybe I'll take you up on that offer in the future.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - Evil Yoshi Toes - 09-03-2018

I was considering joining the MFGG Discord to talk about Mario and stuff but I guess it isn't worth it, at least not while the server is in this condition. I'm sorry that happened to you and I hope things get better for you.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - rollerC - 09-03-2018

Thank you.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - VinnyVideo - 09-03-2018

@Evil Yoshi Toes Yeah, the Discord group has been rather messy lately. I'm hoping things will get better soon, though.

I'm currently working on a Better MFGG Plan that will introduce a series of initiatives for making MFGG a nicer place for everyone, and part of this plan involves improving the atmosphere of the Discord group - for one thing, we're going to have to get a bit tougher on flagrant or serial violators of the rules.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - Syaxamaphone - 09-03-2018

Glad you could get out with your sanity tbh. It would be nice having you around on MW without having to worry about you defending MFGG every time it comes up.

But at least you realize this so its all good.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - rollerC - 09-03-2018

@Syaxamaphone Yeah, sorry about that. I know I caused a lot of s*** in MW, and hopefully, in time, I'll regain some standing there. Sorry if I rubbed you and others the wrong way--it was my fault.

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - Shadow Administrator Drei - 09-03-2018

Now you just need to cause a lot of goodsh*ts on MW, which you were doing before already!

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - rollerC - 09-03-2018

@GothGirlGangDrei If you mean lurking, only posting in anon board, and spellcasting every once in a while, then yes I have been causing lots of goodsh*ts lmao

edit: the pun just dawned on me, nice one

RE: Why I'm resigning from MFGG Discord - Zelma - 09-03-2018

I enjoyed reading the thorough and intricate novel depicting your slow realization of this corrupt internet society! However,

I will never forgive you. Downmushroom'd. EDIT: They haven't implemented a downmushroom'd yet, but just know that it's there spiritually.